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The Path of Spirit Walking

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  1. Samuel Kelly
    Nov 10, 2016 @ 17:57:00

    I could teach people this I am a Schumann and know spirit walking very well my blood runs threw Schumann ancestors great great grandfather is Geronimo warrior chief and Schumann


    • pjm5544
      Nov 11, 2016 @ 09:54:58

      By Schumann do you mean shaman? Teaching is a wonderful way to have a positive effect on the world. I would encourage you to look for clients. Have a great day.


  2. Erika Diana
    Jul 15, 2017 @ 18:18:33

    I was recently connected with somebody who realized that I was seeing 11 11 and repeat numbers. I lost my fiance 3 years ago. And that’s when I started seeing these number patterns. That person then connected me to a young lady cool explains more in depth to me a lot of things that I had questions too. It would be too long to write here. She taught me about the synchronicity walk or as she referred to it… The 3,6,9 synchronicity walk with dice. I was wondering if anybody has done this and if anybody would share their experience. Or not even that but possibly explain to me more. Thank you for letting me post a comment.


    • pjm5544
      Jul 16, 2017 @ 11:38:49

      Erika, I am not familiar with that particular form of divination. Perhaps some of our other readers would like to reply.


  3. Lloyd
    Oct 16, 2017 @ 21:52:02

    Glad I was guided to your blog. I always thought of myself as many spiritual things but was surprised when my spirit guides told me I was a spirit walker and what that meant. So I’ve been spending the last few days researching this. And here I am. Your blog affirms much of what I’m being taught. It’s good to find a twin soul.


    • pjm5544
      Oct 18, 2017 @ 11:31:36

      Lloyd, Thanks for your comments. You may wish to read “Awakening To The Spirit World” by Ingerman and Wesselman. I am also an author and have written “My Journeys To The Spirit World” which describes my spiritual quest including how I came to have a shamanic practice.


  4. Kameaaloha Lum King
    Jan 17, 2021 @ 07:49:45

    Kind of testing this out I guess, I’m Hawaiian, I’ve read some of the blog and was very intrigued by the story’s you’ve given out and would like to actually give you a try as a teacher if that’s possible, I’m abit confused with the journey I’ve been through and would like some help from you if it’s okay.


    • pjm5544
      Jan 21, 2021 @ 12:11:47

      Kameaaloha, Thanks for visiting my site. However, I am not a certified teacher, just a practitioner. Look up Sandra Ingerman’s website at sandraingerman.com. Her site has listings of certified teachers and their locations. Goof luck and may helpful spirits guide you.


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