Hi, my name is Paul McAllister. Welcome to my blog, Spirit Walking Journal

Next week I will start bloging an introduction which describes what Spirit Walking is and some of the basics about how virtually everyone can use Spirit Walking to contact helpful spirits for assistance and healing for themselves, their family, their friends and earth itself.


All my life I have been investigating alternative spiritual paths. At the beginning it was mostly through reading. In the 1980’s I became interested in meditation. During the 1990’s I meditated with Buddhist monks from Thailand; they represented the Theraveda branch of the Buddha’s teachings. In the mid 1990’s I learned Trancendental Meditation and in the summer of 2000 I learned T.M.’s advanced technique, T.M.-Siddhis. The latter technique required an hour of meditation in the morning and in the afternoon – every day. I faithfully followed this program until 2005 when I felt the need to become more ‘active’ in my spiritual pursuits.


So in 2006 I joined one of the esoteric orders whose studies focused on what is referred to as occult sciences. This group, like most groups I have encountered, were focused on helping people make a more positive difference in the world – black magic was forbidden and one of the promises members made was to honor and respect the religious beliefs of all other people. I continued on this course of study, eventually reaching the Portal grade, when I determined I needed to find a new path – not for any bad reasons, but because it was my duty to do so. Having established a solid connection with tarot cards during this time, my cards told me it was time to move on.


In March of 2011 I visited the big island of Hawaii and stayed with friends. During my week long visit I had two unusual encounters involving upright stones or K’oa, as the Hawaiians call them. These encounters made a deep impression on me and I was sorry to leave the island and come home. Two weeks later I was awakened at two o’clock in the morning by Hawaiian spirits telling me to come back to Hawaii, in spirit. I did so and was given a choice of continuing on my current path, or of starting a new, unfamiliar one. I chose the new path and I am so happy I did.


During the next couple of weeks I will blog about Spirit Walking and what it is. Once I have introduced the topic properly I will then begin sharing my new journey with you in the same order it occurred to me. I pray that my journal will be of interest and help to you, my reader, and to anyone interested in this wonderful path.




Paul McAllister

June 20, 2013