Brainwave Activity

We are able to journey into the spirit world to access helpful spirits while still remaining conscious of our physical surroundings. This is easy to do once you know the simple technique. But before we talk about the technique, let’s examine the activity that occurs in our brains every day. Look at the table below. It shows the four levels of brainwave activity associated with our activities.

Brainwave State Cycles per second Activity
Delta 1 to 3 cps Sleep and dreaming
Theta 4 to 7 cps Spirit Walking
Alpha 8 to 13 cps Resting but awake
Beta 14 to 20 cps Awake and active

Normally we move from Delta to Alpha quickly, not stopping in the Theta state. However, it is possible for us to focus on rhythmic beats, going at 4 to 7 beats per second, and allow our brains to settle to that level. Simply put, that is how it’s done. We use rattles or drums or other rhythmical instruments to create the correct number of cycles per second on which our brains will concentrate. If you’re like me, you never guessed that this was the technique indigenous people were using in their rituals and ceremonies.

The Journey

There is more to the journey than drumming. Drumming is an important tool, but only a tool. We must also form an intention to go on a journey and know why we want to make a journey, that is, know what we want from the journey. We must pick a time and place which will help us relax for the journey; and we must have a way of knowing when our time (15 to 20 minutes) is up.

Journeying is not something we ‘slip’ into. We must make some simple plans. First, find a location where you will not be interrupted for 20 minutes. Sit in a comfortable position; if you sit upright on a couch or chair make sure your back is straight, feet flat on the floor and hands folded comfortably in your lap. Dim the lights. If you journey in the daytime, use a bandanna or other covering over your eyes to keep out the light as much as possible. You can use a drum or rattle yourself but it would be easiest to have someone else drum or rattle the first time. That way they can keep track of the time and know when to stop their drumming. An easier, yet effective, way to journey is to use a CD with drumming and or rattling on it. Pick one that is designed for journeying. Two books I recommend, Awakening to The Spirit World, and Introduction to Shamanic Journeying, come with CDs for this purpose.

Now you are ready to journey. Where do you want to go? What? You didn’t know you had a choice? That’s in my next blog.