Before I begin, and assuming you are interesting in making a journey, I want to recommend that you buy one or more of the books I recommended in my last blog. These books have much more detailed information than I can possibly present in this small introductory guide. I started journeying with the CD found in the book Awakening to The Spirit World by Sandra Ingerman and Hank Wesselman. Read chapter three of the book before journeying. It explains everything in wonderful detail. Then use the accompanying CD. I did and my first journey was a success. I still use the CD frequently although I am starting to drum or rattle for myself. Another good book that includes a CD is Sandra Ingerman’s Shamanic Journeying.

There are three worlds: the Lower World, the Middle World and the Upper World. Logical, eh? Actually there are divisions within each world but such a discussion is beyond the scope of this introduction. Entrance to each world is obtained by imagining an entry way which will get you there. Travel to each world using a different entrance for each. You choose your own entrances by making one up for each world. You may use some place with which you are familiar, one that really exists. Choose what is easiest and most appealing to your tastes.

The Lower World contains spirits of plants, animals, rocks and human spirits who are connected with the earth. The Middle World contains the spirit aspect of the world in which we live; in other words, it resembles our physical world but is spirit, not physical. The Upper World is where higher teachers reside and looks different than the other two. The Upper World may be very dark or it may appear very light and even translucent.

Two things are important to note. You usually don’t experience what you think is going to happen. And spirits don’t behave how you expect them to behave. These aspects of Spirit Walking make you realize you are not making it up. It is happening in your head, but it does not occur according to your expectations. And this thought leads us to the last blog of this Introduction: How do we know our Spirit Walking experience is ‘real’? That topic will be my last introductory blog and then I will start sharing my personal experiences from my own journal.