Am I imagining this experience? How does this compare to reality, you know, what I see in our physical world? As they say, seeing is believing, isn’t it?

Well, yes and no. Let’s compare what we call seeing to Spirit Walking.

For our eyes to see we first need light. This light enters our corneas, passes through the aqueous humor (liquid) in the eye and reaches the retina. At this point chemicals are produced that cause electrical impulses to be sent out of the optic nerve, across our neural highway and into the area of our brains associated with sight. Next our software takes over, reviews the information, compares it to past experiences and interprets the experience as seeing the sunset, or whatever it is we are watching. In short, there are physical and learning (software) interfaces between the real world and our perception of what we are seeing. The experience is not as direct as we like to imagine. However, it works well, allowing us to interface with our physical world.

How about our brains? They are reliable tools for perceiving and determining what we are experiencing, aren’t they? The truth is that our brains never consider the majority of sensory information they receive. It is as though our brains work at Megabit speed but that our senses enter data in Gigabyte proportions. If our brains had to review every bit of data that comes in they would be overloaded. We couldn’t function. Fortunately that doesn’t happen and our brains adjust to focusing only on what is important.

Now consider Spirit Walking. We set our physical senses aside and perceive the spirit world with our minds only. This eliminates all of the physical filters and data input limitations. We must still use our mind’s software to decide what we experienced. But the experience is all inside. There are no physical filters affecting the experience. I believe it can be argued that Spirit Walking is a more direct experience than seeing the sunset. But the most important point is that you must make the decision. You must decide if the experience has value. You must decide if this is the spiritual path you wish to follow. All I can tell you is I have no regrets choosing the path over two years ago.

Next blog: A final word before sharing my Spirit Walking experiences.