As I see it, the most important issue is that the spiritual path you choose must make you into a better human being. If it doesn’t, it isn’t worthy of being your spiritual path. On the other hand all spiritual paths are valid for all people following them, assuming that they make their followers better human beings, and all spiritual paths are therefore worthy of our respect.

You may wonder what I believe. Personally, I believe there are only two existences: God and God’s creation. The creation is a reflection of God and while God is an integral part of each individual part of creation, God is also above and beyond all of creation. In creation, all parts are interconnected. The health of each part affects the whole. When we do good deeds, creation benefits. When we do harmful deeds, creation suffers. But what constitutes a good deed? How should we conduct ourselves? I believe that Jesus summarized it best. We must love God with all of our heart, all of our soul, all of our strength and all of our will. And we must love our neighbor as ourself. Our neighbor includes all human beings. I also believe it is important for us to respect and develop a personal relationship with the earth, the animal kingdom and everything in the universe because everything is a part of creation.

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Paul McAllister.