A Hawaiian Ko’a; home of the god of fishing, Lapakahi State Historical Park.


From March 26th to April 2nd, 2011 I visited friends on the big island of Hawaii. Early on we visited Lapakahi State Historical Park on the north end of the island. Inside the park are the remains of a Hawaiian fishing village that was deserted 600 years ago. Two paths take visitors through the old village. We chose the half-mile loop that took us along the shoreline of Koai’e Cove. The wind blew strongly out to sea clipping off the tops of the enormous waves below us that were crashing toward the shore and sending veils of spray into the air. As we passed a structure that once housed a large canoe, we came upon a Ko’a, an upright stone. There are many of these throughout Hawaii. Many Hawaiians believe these Ko’a are the homes of Hawaiian gods and goddesses.

A friend read from a brochure that the villagers believed this Ko’a was the home of the god of fishing. When they returned from the ocean with their catch, they left part of it at the base of the Ko’a as thanks to the fishing god. They also prayed that the god would bless their future fishing trips. My friends walked on down the trail but I remained by the Ko’a. I decided to see if the god of fishing was still there.

Walking up to the stone, which stood about three feet high, I placed my hand on top of it and closed my eyes. Immediately I understood that the god of fishing was no longer there. Along with that understanding was the message “When the people leave, the gods leave”. Surprised, I opened my eyes. I had never had an experience like that. It seemed real, something that had not come from my imagination. I decided not to mention it to my friends but to think about it a while and see if I had any other experiences. I wouldn’t have long to wait.

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