A few days after visiting Lapakahi State Park I was in the Kona-Kailua area with my friends. We visited another state park which included a large stretch of beach along the ocean. While they went swimming in a partially enclosed cove, I explored a path that led from the beach into a forested, shady area. The path ran parallel to the beach and eventually opened onto a grassy area with few trees. It was hot. The path was dried and cracked by the sun’s hot rays. I retraced my steps going back into the shade.

Just before I reached the beach area, I saw another Ko’a. There was no sign saying it was a Ko’a but I recognized what it was. It was sand colored, like the path I had traveled. It stood about three feet high. But this one was more rectangular than the other one, and it was hidden among the tall grasses in the area.

I stepped up to it and put my hand on top and closed my eyes. I had a vision. In this vision I was standing in the same spot by the Ko’a on the big island, but there were no trees, no shrubs and no grasses around. There was nothing but sand. I could see all the way to the ocean. My thought was that this was from the past, before vegetation grew there. Who knows. Maybe it was from the future.

Before I removed my hand the picture changed. Now the previous scene was gone. In its place was a white, translucent … something. I noticed the shape was changing. It morphed into a human shape. It became the shape of a Hawaiian woman. I kept watching. Suddenly she opened her eyes and looked directly into mine. I stared back. Then she gave me a flirtatious smile and disappeared. I opened my eyes.

As with the first experience, I kept this to myself. Two days after the second experience we packed our bags and headed to Kona airport. I felt sad and empty inside. I wished I had more time to explore Hawaii. I wanted to know more about what I had experienced.

I thought it was the end of these experiences. It was only the beginning.

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