June 3rd, 2011 I woke up about 1:30 AM, went to the bathroom and couldn’t go back to sleep. About 1:50 AM I got up and decided to put the CD in and try another journey. I put on my sweats and sat on the front room couch. As track one started I relaxed and imagined going to my entrance to the Lower World. The beaver was there to meet me and I followed him into the cave. I saw my other animal guides and asked them to take me to my Spirit Guide in the Upper World.

The fox led the way with the hawk overhead. In darkness we walked up the hiking trail I had walked in Calofornia. It ascended to about 1200 feet above the desert floor. We passed the spot where a picnic table and shelter were located and went higher up the trail. It got darker. Dark clouds hung low in the sky. The sun’s orange crescent was setting on the horizon. Ahead was a campfire and sitting in front of it was the Ancient One, the very old man dressed as an American Indian. He may have been the Indian I had seen when previewing the tracks on the CD.

He motioned for me to sit. I bowed out of respect and sat on the ground. I asked his name. He told me and I thanked him. I also asked who he served and he said God, everyone serves God. Anyone who serves the shadows is just on an ego trip. The Ancient One said since I now understood that writing is my purpose in life (confirmed though my interest in personality testing, numerology, and astrology) it was important for me to follow it. I thought about all the years I spent trying to figure it out and I assured him I would. He smiled at me and said he thought that would be my answer. I asked him to tell me what I need to know about following my purpose in life and he said, “Just go with the flow. It won’t be hard.” I thanked him.

I said I wanted to become like him. He replied, “Maybe you are like me. Maybe I am you and maybe you are me.” I felt a strong flow of emotions as I realized the Ancient One was my Higher Self; some would call him my Guardian Angel. I felt as if I had come home. He stood up to go and I asked if I could just sit in his presence for a while. He agreed. After a short time he left. I petted the hawk and the fox and thanked them. They started leading me down the path. I wondered if it was really time to leave and then I heard the tempo on track 3 change, slowing down like as it was ending. When it stopped I opened my eyes, turned off the CD player and wrote notes about what had happened. Then I went back to sleep.