My first journeys were unusual because they set the stage for later journeys and they were, after all, my first experiences with the spirit world. But not all my journeys have been as visual nor as significant. Sometimes I needed guidance on less important issues. In these journeys I got the answers I needed but the answers were only as spectacular as the questions; mundane questions usually result in mundane answers. For example, I wondered if it would help for me to wear certain colors while journeying. The answer was that colors might mean something to me, but the spirits didn’t seem to care.

Another time I approached the Ancient One asking for assistance in sending healing energy to an out of town friend who was suffering from ALS; a disease that attacks the nervous system. Currently there is no cure for ALS nor any way to mitigate its negative effects. The Ancient One immediately changed into a muscular, younger man with dark hair who acknowledged my request, sat cross-legged, and closed his eyes to ‘see’ what could be done. I tried to focus on my friend too but was unable. Finally the younger man looked at me and said, “She is gone.” This told me it was too late. She passed away about a year later.

At this time I was in the process of writing the fifth, and last, version of my childhood autobiography, Pauly’s Mother. I journeyed to ask for help remembering Christmas, 1952 so I could include details of that in my book. I received a number of images of toys I had played with, but nothing impressive. While writing later that day, I suddenly remembered that was the Christmas I got my Lionel train. This was a wonderful gift to write about because I could remember many details of the toy, putting the track together with my brother and father, and the fun the three of us had playing with it. I guess sometimes you have to patiently wait for the answer to your request.

Later in June I journeyed to learn more about my power animals, and received information on each of them. Then I asked the Ancient One for a spirit to help me with my writing and he assigned one. Later I used numerology for the names of the spirits I knew as well as the power animals; this helped me understand their purpose.

Around this time I did a Tarot reading for myself, asking about the new path I had chosen. I started learning Tarot cards n 2004 and had developed a great relationship with the cards over the years. I chose to use the Celtic Cross spread. The first card is called the significator. The first and second cards in the spread give the essence of the whole reading. The significator card in this case was the Death card. The Death card is about transformation, the end of one phase and the beginning of another. I was glad to see it. Transformation was what I wanted to find. The rest of the reading told me that I needed to have first-hand experience in order to be able to truly stand on my own.

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