In every age, mankind thinks that it’s ideas are the most modern, the most correct and that people of past times were primitives who knew nothing and lived less valuable existences than modern man. We of the twenty-first century are also guilty of this false belief.

Starting next week I am adding a new category to my blog called Ancient Wisdom. It will be for periodic posts that will relate modern day knowledge and science with the legends and beliefs of our ancestors. Topics will include the beginning of life on Earth,  the unity of all creation and other topics which will demonstrate that our ancestors are far more intelligent than we have been taught.

I hope in this way to honor our ancestors whether they are connected to us genetically, energetically or spiritually. They pave the way for us. If we are lucky, we will meet them when we journey and can thank them for past, present and future help to mankind.

May our ancestors continue to bless us all!