June 29th I awoke several times in the early morning and felt a stream of energy coming out of my heart and solar plexus areas. The energy was flowing from me into the book I was writing, “Pauly’s Mother”. This was a powerful feeling. It seemed like I was using my autobiography as a healing tool.

Two days later I awoke to find myself thinking about a healing song.  I wrote it down right away:

Sing a song of healing

Sing a song of love

You will get the feeling

That comes with the light from above

I knew more words could be added if I played with it. Later in the day I went to the keyboard and sang it with chords C, F and G. I imagined a bridge of G-F-G-A and C-G-F-C.

At this point I took a break and went on vacation with friends. We went to South Haven, Michigan from July 2nd to July 9th.

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