I read that some Hawaiian people believe they are descended from ancestors who came from a group of stars named the Pleiades. The Pleiades are located near the constellation Taurus and can only be seen in the northern hemisphere in winter. Also known as the Seven Sisters, the Pleiades are about 440 light years away. I find this Hawaiian idea interesting and thought provoking. However I realize that this idea would have been ridiculed when I was a child. Back then, before space travel and modern astronomy, people thought that such ideas were primitive fairy tales. They knew exactly how the Earth had been created, in seven days, as described in the Bible.

A couple of months ago I saw an online article in Yahoo News about an Astrobiologist named Professor Charles S. Cockell. The professor read about Moore’s law, the one that says the complexity of computers increases, by doubling the number of transistors per integrated circuit, every two years. He read how a mathematician had used Moore’s law in reverse and determined that computers began in 1960, just after the first microchips were invented. Professor Cockell decided to use the law to see how long ago all biological life had been created. The Professor substituted neucleotides for transistors and genetic material for circuits. His result indicated that all life began about 10 billion years ago.

Since the age of the Earth has been estimated at 4.5 billion years, it meant life existed in the universe before the creation of earth. So was new life created here or did it come from somewhere else, and if so, how? Many scientists now believe that life on Earth began when meteorites from other parts of the universe crashed onto our planet. Inside the meteorites were bacterial spores. Once on Earth, these spores grew and became the building blocks of life here. Maybe the Hawaiians were right all along.

Perhaps the knowledge of ‘modern man’ isn’t as new and highly advanced as we think it is. As you probably know, there other examples of Ancient Wisdom being supported by modern science. If you know of some, leave a comment and I’ll include them when we explore more Ancient/modern ideas in future blogs on this subject.

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