What should you look for when seeking a teacher of shamanic studies? First, their teachings should help you stand on your own two feet because shamanic practice is called the path of direct revelation. You must learn deal directly with helpful spirits and develop a personal relationship with them.

Second, you must be willing to set your ego aside in this process. So you should find a teacher who has learned to set their ego aside. If they call themselves a ‘Shaman’, look closely to see if they have learned this lesson themselves. I have read that a person who calls themselves a shaman risks losing their contact with the spirits and losing the power they have attained.

Third, the teacher should provide simple instructions on how to journey. He or she should not tell you what to expect in great detail because each journey is unique to each person. If the prospective teacher has too many rules, think about finding someone else. The journeying process is simple. My recommendation is that your first class should be the one where you learn how to journey. That’s what I did, even though I had learned from Sandra’s book and CD.

When I decided to look for a teacher of shamanic studies I went to Sandra Ingerman’s website. Her site lets you search for a teacher based upon your location. Since I live in the Chicago Metropolitan area, this is what I did and how I found Lauren Torres and her website. My search took place in late July, 2011. I found that Lauren had a class scheduled for early September, “Introduction to Shamanic Journeying”, and I signed up. Since then I have taken three more classes from Lauren and I have signed up for a fifth. I will blog about each of the classes later.

Next blog:  Last journeys before the “Introduction to Shamanic Journeying” class.