July 27, 2011 I journeyed with the intention of seeing the divine light within me. I went to the lower world through the cave. The eagle flapped its wings indicating it would take me. I merged with the eagle and flew skyward. We went to my back yard where I saw myself sitting on a bench. Surrounding me was a pale white light. The center of the light, which coalesced in my heart, was like a white pearl. We returned to the cave.

July 30th, I met with my power animals in the lower world. I asked them why I had such negative emotions this morning. The fox said, “It’s what you ate.” I thought about it and didn’t understand until I realized it was really what I drank, two gin martinis with sweet vermouth. (Later I realized I had accidentally used a larger shot glass, making each martini the equivalent of one and a half martinis.) Next we went to the upper world. Halfway up I met an Indian woman I had previously met but she looked older this time. She indicated she is to help me improve my love for and empathy with humanity.

August 3rd, my intention was to get a better understanding of our purpose as humans. I had many visions, too many to remember. However my understanding is that we need to cooperate with the unfolding of life and participate it by creating our world with intention and will. In order to do this we must be well grounded and live a balanced, harmonious life.

I went on vacation to visit my grandkids, daughter and son-in-law August 5th through the 12th.

On August 19th I sent with my eagle power animal to see the Ancient One. My intention was to learn what else I could do to proceed along the shamanic path. He told me but I could not remember what he said because I was swept into daydreaming for a long time. Perhaps it was influenced by the allergy pill I take during ragweed season (August 15th until the first frost).

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