A Dream About Mankind – Changes

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January 17th, 2012

I woke up at 3:00 AM and recalled this dream. Mankind is being processed through a change which is similar to the hour-glass shape, pictured horizontally. The past is to the left; the future to the right. The center is a vortex that is a compression of the Time/Space continuum. All creation is moving through this.

As we approach the middle of the left side, everything seems to become congested. When we move through the vortex everything speeds up. Ultimately we go through what seems like a radically fast change that propels us into our future – into a new time unlike what we have been experiencing.

Normally mankind progresses slowly because of our physical and mental limitations. We form habits and beliefs which actually slow down our evolution because the habits and beliefs become hardwired into our brain. I suspect this has a good purpose and a positive effect on our evolution; but it is also why a major conceptual change requires a radical physical change. Only a radical physical change will force us to change our beliefs and habits.

Everything is thought. The Universe is a construct of the Great Mind. We can help co-create but we are also propelled along by the Great Mind because we are part and parcel of creation. We are too slow to make radical changes on our own. But, having been forced through radical change by our Destiny, we will become acclimated to it because we will realize it is mandated.

Good? Bad? This is beyond such mundane concepts. The coming change will be so radical in concept that we truly cannot imagine what it will be like. The vortex is, or has, a physical component. But it also has a spiritual side, just like everything in creation.

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Another Hawk, Another Journey

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December 13, 2011: I went for my daily walk around the park. This time I decided to go counter-clockwise. As I turned north a hawk hopped off the top of the fence across the street and glided across my path about ten feet ahead of me. It landed in a small tree in the park. It was shades of brown and had some white also. As it glided the tips of its wings were tilted up 90 degrees. It flew to another tree and I got to see its tail feathers – not a red-tailed hawk. It looked back at me and I was struck at how much its face resembled that of an owl. Later I looked in my bird book. I identified it by colorings, low flight, owl like resemblance, as a Northern Harrier. They are between 16 t0 20 inches long and have a wingspan of 38 to 48 inches. Beautiful bird.

Note: Once you have a power animal, like a hawk, every member of its species is also your power animal. As with this case, my power animal is a red-tailed hawk. However the Northern Harrier is also considered my power animal because it is also a hawk.

January 12, 2012: I own a four flat apartment building. One of my tenants was supposed to move out on January 15th and I was concerned that they would not. If they didn’t it would cause problems because I had another tenant ready to move in. I journeyed to the Lower World. My intention was to find out if they would move out on time. My younger teacher met me, comforted me and said the present tenant would move out on time. A few days later they did, and they left the apartment in pretty good shape.

This may seem to be a simple, mundane problem and the question may come up as to whether it is worth a journey. I believe you can journey for any reason as long as it is important to you, you journey with the same respect you have for other journeys, and you state your intention up front (as with all journeys). The more journeys we make, the more we build upon our relationship with our helpful spirit friends.

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Communicating with Nature

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In his book, Animal Speak, Ted Andrews discusses the role of Nature in the lives of our ancestors: “To them, every species and every aspect of its environment had the power to remind them of what they could manifest within their own life. It was an aid to bridge the natural world to the supernatural, awakening the realities of both within the environs of their own lives.” (Page 1.)

As I walk this path I find my connection with Nature grows. I first noticed this with birds. I’ve always loved birds. I had a pet parakeet, Whitey, when I was a kid. He would perch on my index finger and let me stroke his blue breast with the index finger of my other hand. We were buddies. I never lost that connection.

November 23, 2011. I went for a walk in a nearby park in the afternoon. As I left my house, a flock of Monk Parrots flew overhead. There were eight of them. They live in the Chicago area all year round even though they are not native to the area. I have seen them here in our snow-covered winters.  I believe they survive by living near heat ducts on the roofs of buildings. According to Animal Speak, parrots are associated with the power of color and light. They are also considered a link between the human kingdom and the bird kingdom. I didn’t know that at the time, but they could have been an omen to what happened next.

Moments later as I entered the park, they flew overhead again heading east. I walked into the deserted park and turned toward the pool. Suddenly I heard a piercing screech above, eeeeeeear. I looked up to the top of a tall light pole and saw a large bird. It took off, flew across the football field and landed at the top of a seventy foot tall oak tree. I stopped and looked up. As it landed it spread its redish-brown tail feathers and I knew it was a red-tailed hawk, like my power animal. As I walked closer, it took off, circled high above me three times, and flew away.

I confirmed my sighting using the “National Geographic Field Guide to the Birds of Eastern North America”. Many months later I would read that the red-tailed hawk was associated with visionary power and guardianship, the element of fire, noontime, the direction North, and the process of creation (birth, death and rebirth). It is 20 inches long crown to tail, and has a wingspan of fifty inches. Ever since that day, I have noticed more and more hawks as I travel outside. I know they are common, but they always give me a feeling of a special connection with nature.

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Shamanism and Creation: Shamanic Art


The concept of creating shamanic art includes having many people creating it together. The effort of the group magnifies the power of the creation beyond the number of people working on the project. Lauren asked us to decide, as a group, what we wanted to manifest in the world. We decided unanimously to project an image that would increase the respect for the Divine Feminine in the world, especially in areas where it is lacking.

First, we gathered together and rattled and drummed to find the images and symbols to be used for this purpose.  After a while we decided to use the circular symbol with a cross on the bottom to signify the feminine; a heart as a symbol of love; a mirror so that everyone would see the Divine Feminine within themselves; a web signifying the interconnectedness of life and the saying “Be the change you wish to see in the world”. We worked as a group, using the art materials we had on hand to create the final symbol. This was a pleasant exercise; everyone helped; everyone had suggestions; everyone agreed on what we needed.

After we were through, we used our rattles together to find the spark of divine light that would carry the energy of our symbol and would expand it until, like a meteor, it would burst forth into the world. Once we found it individually we started toning (making a single note sound). After we were all toning, we each focused the symbol to send it forth into the world. We pictured our collage expanding and covering the entire world. Afterwards we gave each other hugs. We all had a great feeling of peace as the seminar came to a close. I was voted custodian of the collage. It is pictured below. Blessings to all who view it!


Shamanism and Creation, Day #2: The Void and Creation

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October 30, 2011

Before the last journey of the morning session, Lauren talked discussed how shamans approach creation. Basically, they put themselves at the threshold where spiritual energies flow into the physical world so they can help enable or direct those energies. The threshold is between the Void and the point of creation. It has been referred to as the Vesica Piscis or the Mandorla (Italian). It can be viewed as the intersection between the vertical, spiritual world and the horizontal, physical world. In psychology they refer to some spaces as ‘liminal’. An example of liminal space in psychology is that which exists between roles, like pregnancy and motherhood. It is a point of psychological transformation. In order to operate in this space, the shaman must achieve a harmonious balance between his/her lower self and Higher Self. This balance is important because the spirit of the shaman magnifies the energies that they work with.

Journey #5: Intention: ask a spirit helper this question, “How can I create a space at the threshold between the Void and physical world, where I can invoke or evoke energy into the process of Creation?”

I went to the cave and the Lower World. I spent a short time with the beaver, fox, red tailed hawk and eagle. My younger teacher appeared to help me. He took me further into the cave to where it is light and forested. He showed me how to form a large, egg-shaped space that I could step into. It was grey. He asked what color I wanted it to be. I chose the colors I was in Journey #1 because they symbolized creation. The egg immediately became swirling colors of red, yellow, green, blue and purple. I loved it! The egg shape itself represents creative forces; a threshold of forces that can occur anywhere in the world. My helper told me I can do banishings as well as generate energies within the egg itself. I can invoke gods, archangels or other spirits to help me accomplish whatever I wished. He reminded me that it is important to focus on my spiritual balance.

Finally my helper also suggested an ending for the book I was writing that will help me create an uplifting ending; one that will leave my readers with a positive, perhaps even healing, feeling.

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Ancient Wisdom: “What Plants Talk About” (from PBS Nature Series)

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Plants are not animals but behave like them: they have no eyes or ears but find their own food; they have the ability to defend themselves; they have no brain but cooperate with, communicate with or compete with their neighbors; and they nurture their young.

All plants are complex and have complex feeding behaviors. They hunt with their roots – 80% of their nutrients are below ground. They forage, feeding on delicacies they discover. This is the plant version of hunting.

The wild tobacco plant, when attacked by hornworm caterpillars, emits chemicals to attract caterpillar predators. In one case they produce daytime flowers which attract hummingbirds that eat the caterpillars. When one tobacco plant is attacked, nearby plants ramp up their protective chemicals even through they have not yet been attacked.

Competition. We know that plants vie with each other to get sunlight. But one, spotted nap weed, fights underground by emitting chemicals that kill nearby native plants. In turn, lupin grass launches chemicals that kill nap weed but protects the native plants.

Animals use kin recognition. So does the plant called the sea rocket. It sends out fewer roots when its siblings are starting to grow nearby, but grows many more roots when other plants invade their area. This kin recognition is accomplished through chemicals emitted by their roots.

The Douglas fir tree can grow for approximately 1,000 years if left undisturbed, and it nurtures its young, even young which may be growing beyond the reach of the mother’s roots. The mother tree sends nourishment to the saplings through a network of roots and organic material that surround the mother as well as the saplings. Fungi colonize the tree’s roots and unite many trees in an organic feeding system. The nutrients are passed from the roots to the fungi which passes them to other fungi and eventually the roots of the saplings. Carbon is one of the elements passed in this manner.

The existence of this system was proven by scientists who covered the branch of a mature Douglas fir in a plastic bag. Then they injected radioactive carbon into the bag. The next day they returned with a geiger counter. They found that the system of roots and fungi around the injected tree were radioactive. They traced the radioactivity to the trees nearby and found that the branches of these trees, especially the younger ones, were now radioactive.

The question scientists are working on now is “How can plants do this without a brain?” Their theory is that the plants are interconnected by a neural highway that we have not yet discovered.

If you believe in the ancient saying, “As Above, So Below and As Below, So Above”, the findings of these scientists point to an interconnection of all life that has been spoken of by spiritual and religious leaders for thousands of years. This raises the question of whether plants and humans can communicate. Can we tap into the plants’ theoretical’ neural highway? We’ll look into this issue in a future blog.

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Vision of me as a full-fledged Creator (!?!)

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Journey #3:  October 30th, 2011, Lauren told us to have the spirits show us a vision of ourselves as a full-fledged creator.

Honestly, the result I got from this was disappointing. After twenty minutes the only vision I had was of myself in a pale yellow shirt and grey slacks talking to a group of people.  Perhaps I didn’t ask the question in the right way. On the other hand, the spirits are known to have a sense of humor. Maybe they’re still laughing. I’m sitting here smiling as I write this. I still don’t know what to make of the answer. So, on to Journey #4.

Journey #4:  I asked the spirits to show me something that will help me understand the interconnectedness of life – the web of life – in story, image or metaphor.

I journeyed to the Lower World and traveled with the fox. I found that there is no need to look farther than the nearest tree. It uses air and sunlight to create chemical reactions for growth. The roots absorb ground water and send it up into the trunk, branches and leaves or needles. This same water came from elsewhere, perhaps nearby oceans, streams or lakes where it evaporated and later became rain. That same rain may flow back into the stream and the ocean. I remember reading that the ocean maintains a fine balance between evaporation and replenishment in order to keep a fixed level of alkalinity. After the journey I made a note to read and find out more about the interconnectedness and balance of our environment.

As it turns out, there is more interconnection in the lives of plants and trees than I ever knew. Similar to animals, they search for food, communicate with or wage war on other plants, nurture their young, and eavesdrop on their neighbors. See my next blog.

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