After more discussions about our first journey, Lauren got us ready for our second journey. This time our intention was to have one of our power animals take us to meet a new teacher. We got settled and she again lowered the lights and beat a quick rhythm on her drum.

Again I went to the lower world and met the beaver at the entrance. We entered the cave. Only the fox was there. However the inside of the cave had changed quite a bit. There was a bright light shining in the center of a large chamber. When I looked up I saw the blue sky, with clouds and a sun shining. It was like the roof disappeared.

In the center of the chamber was a large pond of water. It had water lilies growing in it and was fed by a spring. I repeated my intention to meet a teacher. Immediately he walked into the area. He was a tall man with long grey hair that had ornaments woven into it. He wore buckskin clothing and had a head band. He was younger than the Ancient One.

We sat next to the pond. He said he can communicate directly with me. I understood that I didn’t need to make a journey to talk with him. I realized that this was a blessing and a privilege. I thanked him. He smiled and nodded his head. He told me to keep on keeping on the path; ask questions and I will get answers right away. Then he got up to leave.  As he walked away I realized I forgot to ask his name. I called after him. He looked over his shoulder, smiled and gave me his name. It was a normal sounding name. I liked that.

At this time the journey was over. Again we stretched, sat up, and discussed our experiences and again each was unique. Then we broke for lunch. Per instructions from Lauren, we each brought our own lunch and got pop from a vending machine. We sat in a lunch room and talked together about our experiences.

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