In the afternoon we had time for two more journeys before class ended. Lauren instructed us to pair up because we were going to journey for our partner. I was lucky to partner with Razena, everyone calls her Ze. We chatted briefly and it turns out we both had a strong interest in Tarot cards as well as journeying. Ze founded a Goddess Group in the western suburbs of Chicago. She travels into the spirit world with the help of her friend, a dragon. Dragons and other animals we consider ‘mythical’ are also wonderful power animals. Like me, Ze wanted to know what her role as healer would be.

I journeyed first. I went to the lower world and met with my new teacher. He said Ze should be a soul healer. I didn’t understand that but remembered it. I saw a vision of a cut on a hand and saw Ze touch it and heal it. Then I had a vision of a friend, who had disruptive family issues that she worked on, healing various people within her own family. The friend worked with Foster Children and helping them. After the journey was over I relayed this as best as I could to Ze. Ze thought about it and said she believed it answered her question. She thanked me for journeying on her behalf.

Next it was Ze’s turn to journey for me. After the journey was over she said she traveled with her dragon, Nu Kua. The dragon flew her to Hawaii. She saw me there. There was a fire nearby.  I was sitting at a table doing something with my hands. She thought I might be using Tarot cards. She said I was in a huge garden with limestone containers used for growing plants and herbs. She said that toward the end she was confused. She kept seeing words, words, words flying everywhere. She asked me if this made any sense. I felt energy flow up and down my spine. I told her how (at the time) I was writing my childhood autobiography and that I believed I was supposed to become a writer and help people with my writing. I was excited! When Ze heard my explanation, she was excited too! Ze and I exchanged email addresses and promised to keep in touch.

I was sorry when the class ended. I found that the energy of all the participants enhanced our ability to spirit walk. I decided to take another class from Lauren.

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