Journey 1: Power of Words – 09/16/11

My intention was to understand the power of words to create healing and peace. My power animals led me to my new Teacher who took me on a pathway back through my life. I saw how my meaning meant as much or more than the words themselves; how people had told me that I should write down stories I told them because they enjoyed them. At the end I saw someone getting into a sleeping bag and zipping it up all around themselves. The words we think, speak and write form a cocoon around our lives. There were other examples I forgot.

Journey 2: The Moon and how it affects me – 09/17/11

Went to the cave and saw my power animals. The eagle wanted to take me. I climbed on to his back and merged with him and we flew to the moon. Surprisingly it was warm, comfortable there. The position of the Earth-Moon-Sun is important. Take advantage of the waxing and waning phases; increase in waxing, decrease in waning. It’s like breathing in and breathing out. The moon and earth have a symbiotic relationship: no moon/no earth, no earth/no moon. Both are in relationship with the sun. The moon’s light reflects the sun’s light, but it also reflects some of the sun’s energy to earth and this has a beneficial effect (which I don’t understand). Again like breathing in and breathing out. Trip ended. I will go again in the future.

Journey 3: The four directions – 09/19/11

This journey was in the form of a dream that occurred around 3:00 AM. I was shown the four Cardinal directions. Each was a brilliant white segment of a larger whole. Each one gave me a power which I still felt when I awoke at 7:00 AM, having slept all night. After that experience I dreamed I entered a room full of people. At I entered they stopped and stared at me. I saw myself. My head was shaved. I was smiling lovingly and I had a wonderful glow in my eyes. I was surprised to see myself this way.

Next blog: Shamanism and Creation Seminar (even better than the first – my first journey at ‘Creation’ was amazing)