I took a second class from Lauren Torres October 29th and 30th, 2011 called Shamanism and Creation. For our first journey Lauren told us to go to the Lower World where one of our power animals would help us pull back the ‘veil’ of creation a little bit so we could see beyond.

Journey #1: I went to the cave entrance for the Lower World and saw my power animals. The eagle was flapping his wings so I knew he would take me on my journey. I climbed onto his back and merged with him. We took off and flew upward into blackness. We flew for a long time.

Up ahead I saw a rosy glow. There appeared to be a structure similar to the Ring Nebula I had seen in pictures. This one had a rosy color with a vast orange center. We dove into it. Instinctively, my body took a quick breath. It was of infinite size and scope.  We flew through sections, each with its own color and vast beyond imagining. Next we encountered a monolith (see Hawaii, April 15th entry). It was enormous. We were close enough to touch it but I knew I should not. Its power was too great. We moved back a little. I looked down and saw an endless array of monoliths stretching as far as the eye could see, each one with the creative potential to create a galaxy, perhaps more. The thought “galaxies like grains of sand” came to mind.

We flew away into more blackness. Up ahead was an orange/red hole. It was an abyss. Outside the edge of the hole all space was black. Inside there was light and literally oceans of color. At the edge of the abyss stood a white haired man  with a white beard, wearing a purple robe with a hood. He smiled at us and extended his arm toward the opening. We flew up to the edge and peered in. It was enormous, beyond description. Chills ran up my spine as we lifted up and dove into it. We soared through one vast colored area after another and returned to the upper edge where the man was. Realizing the drum was still beating, we dove in again, soaring through it for what seemed like a long, long time, through colors of red, orange, yellow, violet and blue. Time lost all meaning.

We came out and flew through the blackness of space until we reached the cave. We could hear the beating of Lauren’s drum. All of my power animals and I danced to the beat. I entered the eagle again and we danced as one. At the drum beat signalling the end of the journey, I consciously came back to the room where the journey began. I laid there listening to the beat and within the beat of Lauren’s drum I heard the voices of American Indians chanting just like I had heard them chant at a Pow Wow at Starved Rock, Illinois a few months earlier. Note: A few months later I bought a buffalo drum and painted it to represent what I saw on this journey. Check it out on my blog’s home page.

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