The Bible (Genesis 1:27) states that God made us, male and female, in His image. Yet how many of us feel up to being the co-Creator as part of that image? Journey #2 of the Shamanism and Creation seminar was focused on that issue. Our intention for the journey was to ask “What is keeping me from being a co-Creator?”

Journey # 2: I go to the Lower World. My beaver friend is waiting for me and we enter the cave. I meet with my three other power animals. Then my teacher, the younger one, shows up to help me. He guides me on a journey to my past life, especially my formal education. I was taught that I was not worthy, that I was stained with sin even from birth and that God died for my sins. How can I ever make up for this? I am also told that I must sacrifice my own needs for others in order to become a better person. The assumption and the message is that any self-directed effort is self-centered and connected to ego problems. These ideas are reinforced by my family. They love me, but they believe the same ideas and want me to grow up to be a good human being. They reinforce the idea that we must be subservient to the established order, whether civil or religious. The rules and regulations are for our own good. We mustn’t put our desires above the rules.

The vision changed and I saw many people restraining other people in the same way for the same reasons. The basic message was that “We are not good enough or pure enough to be a co-creator.”

After the journey was over, Lauren instructed us to take this issue home with us and work with our helping spirits to go back in time to when it was created and change it in the past. This way we can release the negativity; some negativity may go back to ancestral times. This issue is something I revisit periodically.

End of day 1: Next journey – Have the spirits show us a vision of ourselves as a co-creator.