Journey #3:  October 30th, 2011, Lauren told us to have the spirits show us a vision of ourselves as a full-fledged creator.

Honestly, the result I got from this was disappointing. After twenty minutes the only vision I had was of myself in a pale yellow shirt and grey slacks talking to a group of people.  Perhaps I didn’t ask the question in the right way. On the other hand, the spirits are known to have a sense of humor. Maybe they’re still laughing. I’m sitting here smiling as I write this. I still don’t know what to make of the answer. So, on to Journey #4.

Journey #4:  I asked the spirits to show me something that will help me understand the interconnectedness of life – the web of life – in story, image or metaphor.

I journeyed to the Lower World and traveled with the fox. I found that there is no need to look farther than the nearest tree. It uses air and sunlight to create chemical reactions for growth. The roots absorb ground water and send it up into the trunk, branches and leaves or needles. This same water came from elsewhere, perhaps nearby oceans, streams or lakes where it evaporated and later became rain. That same rain may flow back into the stream and the ocean. I remember reading that the ocean maintains a fine balance between evaporation and replenishment in order to keep a fixed level of alkalinity. After the journey I made a note to read and find out more about the interconnectedness and balance of our environment.

As it turns out, there is more interconnection in the lives of plants and trees than I ever knew. Similar to animals, they search for food, communicate with or wage war on other plants, nurture their young, and eavesdrop on their neighbors. See my next blog.

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