October 30, 2011

Before the last journey of the morning session, Lauren talked discussed how shamans approach creation. Basically, they put themselves at the threshold where spiritual energies flow into the physical world so they can help enable or direct those energies. The threshold is between the Void and the point of creation. It has been referred to as the Vesica Piscis or the Mandorla (Italian). It can be viewed as the intersection between the vertical, spiritual world and the horizontal, physical world. In psychology they refer to some spaces as ‘liminal’. An example of liminal space in psychology is that which exists between roles, like pregnancy and motherhood. It is a point of psychological transformation. In order to operate in this space, the shaman must achieve a harmonious balance between his/her lower self and Higher Self. This balance is important because the spirit of the shaman magnifies the energies that they work with.

Journey #5: Intention: ask a spirit helper this question, “How can I create a space at the threshold between the Void and physical world, where I can invoke or evoke energy into the process of Creation?”

I went to the cave and the Lower World. I spent a short time with the beaver, fox, red tailed hawk and eagle. My younger teacher appeared to help me. He took me further into the cave to where it is light and forested. He showed me how to form a large, egg-shaped space that I could step into. It was grey. He asked what color I wanted it to be. I chose the colors I was in Journey #1 because they symbolized creation. The egg immediately became swirling colors of red, yellow, green, blue and purple. I loved it! The egg shape itself represents creative forces; a threshold of forces that can occur anywhere in the world. My helper told me I can do banishings as well as generate energies within the egg itself. I can invoke gods, archangels or other spirits to help me accomplish whatever I wished. He reminded me that it is important to focus on my spiritual balance.

Finally my helper also suggested an ending for the book I was writing that will help me create an uplifting ending; one that will leave my readers with a positive, perhaps even healing, feeling.

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