December 13, 2011: I went for my daily walk around the park. This time I decided to go counter-clockwise. As I turned north a hawk hopped off the top of the fence across the street and glided across my path about ten feet ahead of me. It landed in a small tree in the park. It was shades of brown and had some white also. As it glided the tips of its wings were tilted up 90 degrees. It flew to another tree and I got to see its tail feathers – not a red-tailed hawk. It looked back at me and I was struck at how much its face resembled that of an owl. Later I looked in my bird book. I identified it by colorings, low flight, owl like resemblance, as a Northern Harrier. They are between 16 t0 20 inches long and have a wingspan of 38 to 48 inches. Beautiful bird.

Note: Once you have a power animal, like a hawk, every member of its species is also your power animal. As with this case, my power animal is a red-tailed hawk. However the Northern Harrier is also considered my power animal because it is also a hawk.

January 12, 2012: I own a four flat apartment building. One of my tenants was supposed to move out on January 15th and I was concerned that they would not. If they didn’t it would cause problems because I had another tenant ready to move in. I journeyed to the Lower World. My intention was to find out if they would move out on time. My younger teacher met me, comforted me and said the present tenant would move out on time. A few days later they did, and they left the apartment in pretty good shape.

This may seem to be a simple, mundane problem and the question may come up as to whether it is worth a journey. I believe you can journey for any reason as long as it is important to you, you journey with the same respect you have for other journeys, and you state your intention up front (as with all journeys). The more journeys we make, the more we build upon our relationship with our helpful spirit friends.

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