January 17th, 2012

I woke up at 3:00 AM and recalled this dream. Mankind is being processed through a change which is similar to the hour-glass shape, pictured horizontally. The past is to the left; the future to the right. The center is a vortex that is a compression of the Time/Space continuum. All creation is moving through this.

As we approach the middle of the left side, everything seems to become congested. When we move through the vortex everything speeds up. Ultimately we go through what seems like a radically fast change that propels us into our future – into a new time unlike what we have been experiencing.

Normally mankind progresses slowly because of our physical and mental limitations. We form habits and beliefs which actually slow down our evolution because the habits and beliefs become hardwired into our brain. I suspect this has a good purpose and a positive effect on our evolution; but it is also why a major conceptual change requires a radical physical change. Only a radical physical change will force us to change our beliefs and habits.

Everything is thought. The Universe is a construct of the Great Mind. We can help co-create but we are also propelled along by the Great Mind because we are part and parcel of creation. We are too slow to make radical changes on our own. But, having been forced through radical change by our Destiny, we will become acclimated to it because we will realize it is mandated.

Good? Bad? This is beyond such mundane concepts. The coming change will be so radical in concept that we truly cannot imagine what it will be like. The vortex is, or has, a physical component. But it also has a spiritual side, just like everything in creation.

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