Shamanism and Creation: What is keeping me from being a co-Creator?


The Bible (Genesis 1:27) states that God made us, male and female, in His image. Yet how many of us feel up to being the co-Creator as part of that image? Journey #2 of the Shamanism and Creation seminar was focused on that issue. Our intention for the journey was to ask “What is keeping me from being a co-Creator?”

Journey # 2: I go to the Lower World. My beaver friend is waiting for me and we enter the cave. I meet with my three other power animals. Then my teacher, the younger one, shows up to help me. He guides me on a journey to my past life, especially my formal education. I was taught that I was not worthy, that I was stained with sin even from birth and that God died for my sins. How can I ever make up for this? I am also told that I must sacrifice my own needs for others in order to become a better person. The assumption and the message is that any self-directed effort is self-centered and connected to ego problems. These ideas are reinforced by my family. They love me, but they believe the same ideas and want me to grow up to be a good human being. They reinforce the idea that we must be subservient to the established order, whether civil or religious. The rules and regulations are for our own good. We mustn’t put our desires above the rules.

The vision changed and I saw many people restraining other people in the same way for the same reasons. The basic message was that “We are not good enough or pure enough to be a co-creator.”

After the journey was over, Lauren instructed us to take this issue home with us and work with our helping spirits to go back in time to when it was created and change it in the past. This way we can release the negativity; some negativity may go back to ancestral times. This issue is something I revisit periodically.

End of day 1: Next journey – Have the spirits show us a vision of ourselves as a co-creator.

Shamanism and Creation: First (amazing) Journey

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I took a second class from Lauren Torres October 29th and 30th, 2011 called Shamanism and Creation. For our first journey Lauren told us to go to the Lower World where one of our power animals would help us pull back the ‘veil’ of creation a little bit so we could see beyond.

Journey #1: I went to the cave entrance for the Lower World and saw my power animals. The eagle was flapping his wings so I knew he would take me on my journey. I climbed onto his back and merged with him. We took off and flew upward into blackness. We flew for a long time.

Up ahead I saw a rosy glow. There appeared to be a structure similar to the Ring Nebula I had seen in pictures. This one had a rosy color with a vast orange center. We dove into it. Instinctively, my body took a quick breath. It was of infinite size and scope.  We flew through sections, each with its own color and vast beyond imagining. Next we encountered a monolith (see Hawaii, April 15th entry). It was enormous. We were close enough to touch it but I knew I should not. Its power was too great. We moved back a little. I looked down and saw an endless array of monoliths stretching as far as the eye could see, each one with the creative potential to create a galaxy, perhaps more. The thought “galaxies like grains of sand” came to mind.

We flew away into more blackness. Up ahead was an orange/red hole. It was an abyss. Outside the edge of the hole all space was black. Inside there was light and literally oceans of color. At the edge of the abyss stood a white haired man  with a white beard, wearing a purple robe with a hood. He smiled at us and extended his arm toward the opening. We flew up to the edge and peered in. It was enormous, beyond description. Chills ran up my spine as we lifted up and dove into it. We soared through one vast colored area after another and returned to the upper edge where the man was. Realizing the drum was still beating, we dove in again, soaring through it for what seemed like a long, long time, through colors of red, orange, yellow, violet and blue. Time lost all meaning.

We came out and flew through the blackness of space until we reached the cave. We could hear the beating of Lauren’s drum. All of my power animals and I danced to the beat. I entered the eagle again and we danced as one. At the drum beat signalling the end of the journey, I consciously came back to the room where the journey began. I laid there listening to the beat and within the beat of Lauren’s drum I heard the voices of American Indians chanting just like I had heard them chant at a Pow Wow at Starved Rock, Illinois a few months earlier. Note: A few months later I bought a buffalo drum and painted it to represent what I saw on this journey. Check it out on my blog’s home page.

Next blog: Shamanism and Creation – more journeys.

Three Journeys: Power of words; the Moon; Four Directions

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Journey 1: Power of Words – 09/16/11

My intention was to understand the power of words to create healing and peace. My power animals led me to my new Teacher who took me on a pathway back through my life. I saw how my meaning meant as much or more than the words themselves; how people had told me that I should write down stories I told them because they enjoyed them. At the end I saw someone getting into a sleeping bag and zipping it up all around themselves. The words we think, speak and write form a cocoon around our lives. There were other examples I forgot.

Journey 2: The Moon and how it affects me – 09/17/11

Went to the cave and saw my power animals. The eagle wanted to take me. I climbed on to his back and merged with him and we flew to the moon. Surprisingly it was warm, comfortable there. The position of the Earth-Moon-Sun is important. Take advantage of the waxing and waning phases; increase in waxing, decrease in waning. It’s like breathing in and breathing out. The moon and earth have a symbiotic relationship: no moon/no earth, no earth/no moon. Both are in relationship with the sun. The moon’s light reflects the sun’s light, but it also reflects some of the sun’s energy to earth and this has a beneficial effect (which I don’t understand). Again like breathing in and breathing out. Trip ended. I will go again in the future.

Journey 3: The four directions – 09/19/11

This journey was in the form of a dream that occurred around 3:00 AM. I was shown the four Cardinal directions. Each was a brilliant white segment of a larger whole. Each one gave me a power which I still felt when I awoke at 7:00 AM, having slept all night. After that experience I dreamed I entered a room full of people. At I entered they stopped and stared at me. I saw myself. My head was shaved. I was smiling lovingly and I had a wonderful glow in my eyes. I was surprised to see myself this way.

Next blog: Shamanism and Creation Seminar (even better than the first – my first journey at ‘Creation’ was amazing)

Ancient Wisdom: Brain Waves

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According to Wikipedia, brain waves were first discovered in the early 1900’s. Alpha waves were discovered first (thus the name). The other three types of waves were discovered later. In descending order, beta waves (14 to 30 cycles per second) are where we spend our waking or fully conscious state; alpha (8 to 13 cps) occur when we are relaxed with our eyes closed; theta (4 to 7 cps) are the level where people have psychic experiences like astral travel; and delta (0 to 3 cps) occurs when we are in deep, dreamless sleep or unconscious (source:

Although ancient people did not express thoughts about brainwaves, they understood the importance of entering into a trance state in order to experience what they referred to as the spirit world. They entered the theta state through rituals that included the use of drums and/or rattles beaten at the theta rate. Perhaps this was accidental. Perhaps it was at the urging of helpful spirits. Regardless of how it happened, it became a common practice for people throughout the world thousands or tens of thousands of years before electricity and modern medicine were invented. Modern science is only recently catching up to this ancient knowledge and it has yet to officially recognize the importance of the theta brain wave connection to the spirit world.

As with all shamanic practices, spirit walking is evolving over time. In the past it was used to primarily to find food and the other necessities of living. But times have changed. The quote which follows is from Awakening to the Spirit World, page 19:

“By comparison today, we see a wide range of people integrating shamanic practices into their lives. More and more people of today’s world are beginning to realize that the path of direct revelation brings us into relationship with the world of things hidden, through which we may learn that everything that exists is alive and has a spirit (and a voice), and that there is a field of energy that connects us to all of life. This awareness is shared by tribal shamans at one end of the human continuum and by quantum physicists and Zen Buddhists at the other.”

How will we use this knowledge? While it is up to us to decide, the most obvious, and beneficial, conclusion is that we must use it to improve ourselves and our world. Perhaps this is the beginning of a new age where the concerns of materialism and ego will be set aside in favor of creating a world where the needs of all people are met, where all people work together for the common good of mankind. I hope so. If I knew how to add audio to this post, I’d end with John Lennon’s song, Imagine.

Let me know if you enjoy reading about Ancient Wisdom (below). Thank you.

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Intro: What kind of healer should I be?

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In the afternoon we had time for two more journeys before class ended. Lauren instructed us to pair up because we were going to journey for our partner. I was lucky to partner with Razena, everyone calls her Ze. We chatted briefly and it turns out we both had a strong interest in Tarot cards as well as journeying. Ze founded a Goddess Group in the western suburbs of Chicago. She travels into the spirit world with the help of her friend, a dragon. Dragons and other animals we consider ‘mythical’ are also wonderful power animals. Like me, Ze wanted to know what her role as healer would be.

I journeyed first. I went to the lower world and met with my new teacher. He said Ze should be a soul healer. I didn’t understand that but remembered it. I saw a vision of a cut on a hand and saw Ze touch it and heal it. Then I had a vision of a friend, who had disruptive family issues that she worked on, healing various people within her own family. The friend worked with Foster Children and helping them. After the journey was over I relayed this as best as I could to Ze. Ze thought about it and said she believed it answered her question. She thanked me for journeying on her behalf.

Next it was Ze’s turn to journey for me. After the journey was over she said she traveled with her dragon, Nu Kua. The dragon flew her to Hawaii. She saw me there. There was a fire nearby.  I was sitting at a table doing something with my hands. She thought I might be using Tarot cards. She said I was in a huge garden with limestone containers used for growing plants and herbs. She said that toward the end she was confused. She kept seeing words, words, words flying everywhere. She asked me if this made any sense. I felt energy flow up and down my spine. I told her how (at the time) I was writing my childhood autobiography and that I believed I was supposed to become a writer and help people with my writing. I was excited! When Ze heard my explanation, she was excited too! Ze and I exchanged email addresses and promised to keep in touch.

I was sorry when the class ended. I found that the energy of all the participants enhanced our ability to spirit walk. I decided to take another class from Lauren.

Next blog: Ancient Wisdom – brainwaves

Intro: Meet a new teacher

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After more discussions about our first journey, Lauren got us ready for our second journey. This time our intention was to have one of our power animals take us to meet a new teacher. We got settled and she again lowered the lights and beat a quick rhythm on her drum.

Again I went to the lower world and met the beaver at the entrance. We entered the cave. Only the fox was there. However the inside of the cave had changed quite a bit. There was a bright light shining in the center of a large chamber. When I looked up I saw the blue sky, with clouds and a sun shining. It was like the roof disappeared.

In the center of the chamber was a large pond of water. It had water lilies growing in it and was fed by a spring. I repeated my intention to meet a teacher. Immediately he walked into the area. He was a tall man with long grey hair that had ornaments woven into it. He wore buckskin clothing and had a head band. He was younger than the Ancient One.

We sat next to the pond. He said he can communicate directly with me. I understood that I didn’t need to make a journey to talk with him. I realized that this was a blessing and a privilege. I thanked him. He smiled and nodded his head. He told me to keep on keeping on the path; ask questions and I will get answers right away. Then he got up to leave.  As he walked away I realized I forgot to ask his name. I called after him. He looked over his shoulder, smiled and gave me his name. It was a normal sounding name. I liked that.

At this time the journey was over. Again we stretched, sat up, and discussed our experiences and again each was unique. Then we broke for lunch. Per instructions from Lauren, we each brought our own lunch and got pop from a vending machine. We sat in a lunch room and talked together about our experiences.

Next blog: Journey #3, What kind of healer should you be?

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