Welcome to Spirit Walking Journal

Welcome to Spirit Walking Journal

In January, 2012 I decided to buy a drum for my shamanic practice. After hearing the deep, penetrating sound of Lauren’s buffalo drum I decided to get one. She mentioned that people sometimes paint pictures on them; power animals and other meaningful symbols. When mine came I decided to paint the vision I had of creation (see Shamanism and Creation: First Journey). I knew I couldn’t duplicate that vision, but I painted it and I’m satisfied with the results.

The leather pouch I use contains a couple of stones that friends gave me and a crystal Lauren gave me when she taught me soul retrieval in August, 2012. The two shell necklaces came from Hawaii. I got the larger one during my first visit there in 1993 and the second one in 2011. They help remind me of my experiences there in 2011 (see Hawaiian Encounters).

I bought the rattle at the Blue Feather (www.bluefeatherforyou.com), a wonderful store in La Grange, Illinois. The rattle was hand-made in Peru. I love its sound. In addition to the rhythm I get when shaking it, it has its own counter-rhythm. The counter-rhythm reminds me that chaos sometimes exists within an otherwise orderly world. All is one.

In and of themselves these tools hold no power. But over time they become attuned to the shamanic energies created during rituals and healing ceremonies. I wear them and use them frequently in my shamanic practice. They are like friends.

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