Last week I performed two journeys: one to find out where sadness was coming from in myself and family ancestors; the other to perform healing for my family and ancestors to reestablish lost connections that would provide love and support for all the McAllisters and Bergstroms past and present. Both families left Europe in the late 1800’s to find the American dream. When you emigrated in the late 1800’s, it meant you would never see your friends and family members again. It would be as though they had died. How sad.

Both of the journeys I made worked out well and the lost connections were re-established. I felt as though I had performed a good deed for my loved ones. That brings me to today, September 6th. It is the 15th anniversary of the loss of my wife, Marilyn. I decided to visit the cemetery where she,  the Gordon relatives and the McAllister relatives are buried. It is always a sad occasion so I decided to change my approach for this visit. Instead of saying prayers and telling them I missed them, I decided I would tell them how much I appreciated what they had done for me and my children. I named the occasion Ancestors Day.

On the way to the cemetery I bought a dozen roses. I left half of them at the McAllister graves and half at the Gordon headstone where Marilyn is buried. I shed some tears at both sites, but this time I gave them my thanks for all the things they had done, all the sacrifices they had made, even for things I didn’t know they did on my behalf. Finally I thanked them for the good health and heredity they have passed on to me and my family. By the time I finished I felt very good. I’m going to do that every year. From now on, September 6th is Ancestors Day.

I hoped my helpful spirit friends would approve of this approach. I got back in my car. As I started down the cemetery road a large bird flew out of a tree up ahead and landed on the left side of the road. I slowed as I passed it, not ten feet away. It was a young, red-tailed hawk. They grow to be 22 inches long with a wingspan of 50 inches. This one was almost fully grown. The red-tailed hawk is one of my power animals and represents Visionary Power and Guardianship. I was happy to encounter such a positive omen. As I passed, it flew back up into the trees; a wonderful ending for a wonderful visit.

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