April 20, 2012: Although the journey described here was not the first we had in the workshop, it relates back to my experience of April 18th. The issue is that attachment to our ego keeps us from realizing and experiencing the spark of the divine which resides within us as an integral part of our soul. The experience of the 18th as a ‘lead-in’ to this seminar is typical of the synchronicity I now experience on a regular basis in my practice. Please note that at no time during this journey did I feel any physical pain.

Journey #2: Please take from me that which keeps me separate from my divinity.

Immediately I found myself in the Upper World approaching one of my spirit guides. He had me lay down on the ground. As he pulled out a large sword, I realized that I was about to have a ‘dismemberment’ experience that I had read about in “Awakening to the Spirit World”. In other words, I was about see a vision of myself being dismembered. From the spirit guide’s point of view this was an act of love.

I don’t want this to appear gruesome, so I won’t go into details. After it began first one arm, then the other, were tossed into the air where vultures fought over them and carried them away. Wild dogs and jackals fed on my severed legs and attacked the main body. When they were through the vultures returned. Blood covered the ground. In time insects and small creatures finished off what flesh remained. More time passed. The sun bleached my bones which were scattered across the mountains. Finally nothing but dust remained. Eventually there was nothing but the mountain, a few scrubby plants, mountain rocks, and dessert sand.

Although I felt no pain or fear, I was completely surprised by this experience. I watched from a distance, feeling sad that it was happening, but understanding the intentions of my spirit guide and animal spirits. About this time Lauren signaled the end of the journey with her drumming. We sat up. She told us we could take about a half hour break and asked if any of us had a dismemberment experience and expressed surprise that a few of us had. Shaken by the experience, I barely looked at anyone as I got up and walked to the elevator to take it to the first floor.

I got off the elevator and went into a chapel which was vacant at this time. I sat there remembering the experience and periodically crying. I wiped my tears on my shirt sleeves. I experienced a terribly empty feeling. Finally I asked myself, What or who is gone? After a while I received a satisfactory answer. It was my ego. While our soul is eternal because it comes from God, the ego is a temporary device we use to navigate through the material world. The ego ceases to exist when we die. Our soul lives forever. After twenty-five minutes I composed myself, left the chapel and returned to the seminar room.

After returning Lauren asked each person to relate their experience. I did so in general terms because it had such a strong effect on me. Remembering it, as I do periodically, still has an effect on me. This is the first time I have openly discussed some of the details.

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