When we hear about transfiguration we often think of Jesus and how His transfiguration was so profound that the apostles could not even look at Him because He appeared to be pure, white light. While we are not capable of transfiguring to this extent, we must do the best we can in order to bring ourselves as close to the divine as possible and become better conduits for the light of healing. We are not doing the healing. We are only using our intentions in order to help focus the light on the person who needs the healing.

According to Christian, Muslim and Jewish traditions, mankind experienced unity and harmony with everything when we were in the state represented by the Garden of Eden. This unity meant we experienced no pain, no loss, no sickness because we were at one with God. After the Fall, we experienced duality as our reality. We still believe we are separate beings, separate from each other, the world, and God. As a result we experienced illness  and the lack of harmony that separateness creates. We are still one with God, but we don’t normally don’t understand this. For this reason we need a method of bringing ourselves back into that condition of unity. That’s what learning transfiguration is all about.

While the technique can be learned in class, it is important to practice transfiguration regularly in order to become proficient. Lauren led us through an exercise where she drummed while we asked our helpful spirits for help in bringing the divine light into our bodies so that we could embody it. How can we embody the divine light and still be human? We allow ourselves to let the divine light enter our bodies as a way of entering into the world and into the person we are healing. We do not become God, we simply share in the overflow of God’s light and love. We do not destroy our egos, we temporarily set them aside.

The experience gave me a different, good feeling. It is hard to describe. I can see that this is like other learning experiences we have. Studying or learning something once is not enough. Practice is what will make the experience more profound and what will help us heal others.

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