Several years ago I learned healing techniques based on working with the chakras. The chakras are viewed as energy centers associated with specific parts of the body: the crown of the head, the spot between the eyes; the throat, the heart, the solar plexus, the navel and the end of the spine/area of sex glands. Our goal was not to replace proper medical treatment but to supplement it. We regularly recommended that our clients get proper medical treatment in addition to the healing we were attempting.

I was pleasantly surprised during the first energy healing class when I could actually detect energy flowing from some of the chakras of my fellow students. During the workshop we performed healing on each other. Some people had true healing experiences, where pain or swelling actually disappeared. This impressed me to the point where I joined a healing group that met on Monday evenings near Joliet, Illinois.  We did not charge for our healing services.

Usually five or six of us would work on people who would show up requesting healing. Most requests were for physical healing; some were for emotional or psychological healing.  Some healing experiences were amazing. Others were long and drawn out over time.Yet others were not as effective as we hoped they would be. One of our young friends became ill but died in spite of the combined efforts his medical doctors and the healers in our group. I still feel sad because we were not able to help him.

However, our young friend was not the only one we could not heal. This was cause for discussion among us. We eventually realized that there were multiple reasons why some people were not healed. First and foremost was the fact that our lives are in God’s hands. Man proposes, God disposes ( heals). Beyond that we found that some people were suffering from problems associated with behavioral choices. To paraphrase the issue: “How can you cure someone’s lung problems if they won’t quit smoking?”

For example, one lady refused to take our suggestions to make dietary changes in her life, even though we had been healing her regularly and knew her doctors had suggested the same changes. Eventually she quit coming to the healing sessions. I don’t know what happened to her because we lost contact. The sad truth is that some people don’t know how to change the bad habits that are making them unhealthy.

We worked together as a group for over two years. Eventually life intervened and we were unable to continue our Monday night meetings, even though we found the work personally fulfilling. We’ve kept in touch and periodically get together to do healing work, but not as often. Perhaps in the future …