People who are receiving healing, clients, must be in a receptive frame of mind. One of our journeys during the Healing With … seminar concerned this issue. On the journey we asked our spirits to provide us with ideas, in the form of metaphors, we could use to get our clients properly focused, I went on the journey with my eagle power animal. As we flew off into space I saw different sights; the void as a source of potential healing; a flower opening its petals to receive the sun’s light; a lake receiving rain from the clouds; and a river bed which carries rain water from other streams into the ocean, the repository and source of water.

I decided to use the flower metaphor, partly because I love flowers. And I chose the day lily as the main example. I’ve started using it with healing I do during soul retrievals (more details on that in the future). This is what I read to my clients prior to performing healing rituals:

“Focus on becoming receptive. Picture the day lilly. It opens its petals at dawn to welcome the morning rays of the sun. The sun’s rays help the flower maintain its life cycle in harmony with all of nature. For some species of day lilly the sun’s rays enhance the color of the flower, fulfilling it so that it can achieve its highest potential. Become receptive like the day lilly.”

“Accept the healing that is coming to you. It will help you fulfill your predestined potential and help to perfect God’s plan for the universe. Welcome it as a gift that will help you create more balance and harmony in your life. Welcome the healing as the day lilly welcomes the warming rays of the sun.”

Next Journey: What our power animals see when they view a person who needs healing.