I know the idea of power animals is unusual and hard for some people to understand. To quote from Awakening to the Spirit World (page 33), “According to the shaman, the power animal is not the spiritual essence of one animal but rather the essence of the group oversoul of the whole species.” So we aren’t dealing with one animal, but the spirit of all of that particular animal; not one eagle, but all eagles. And once in relationship with a human, the power animal helps by serving as a teacher with certain qualities or abilities.

The next journey we took in the seminar involved power animals. We were to ask our power animal or animals, what they see when viewing a person who needs healing. As the drumming began, I went to the cave entrance for the Lower World. The red-tailed hawk was there flapping his wings, letting me know he would help me on this journey. I asked the hawk to tell me what he viewed when he saw the problems of past clients I knew. (I use the word ‘he’ but it could be a ‘she’; I’m not male-chauvinistic)

The first was a woman. I won’t describe her problems because they might identify her to others. The hawk’s vision was that her heart was swollen but that it was also tied tightly with string or twine, causing more problems for her heart. A lady who had emotional and psychological problems had dark strings in her brain. A young man with MS had nerve centers that looked like thorny sticker balls, like the kind you see on some plants. A man with knee problems had black blockages in his knees that indicated light energy was not able to flow through them.

After the journey ended I asked Lauren what to do about healing people who wouldn’t make changes that would improve their health. She responded that all we could do was heal them when they came to us. Not making improvements in their lives might be tied to a cycle they have to go through in their own learning process. We must respect the divine within them and their free will to make whatever choices they wanted. All we can do is keep healing them.

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