Before the journey, Lauren explained that the descendants we will visit are not necessarily our genetic descendants. They may be our descendants in the sense of carrying on something we have begun. She said we should visit our descendants at a time after they have figured out how to heal properly and live in harmony.

Journey: The drumming started and I slipped into the theta state by following the drum rhythms. I didn’t go to a specific world that I recognized. Suddenly I saw a bare-chested, dark skinned man who held out his hand and led me to an open area surrounded by trees and greenery. Native people sat in a semi circle in front of a small altar. Behind the altar was a large shrine or grotto made of stone. In the center of the grotto was a figure that reminded me of Isis, with wings outstretched. As I approached the group, the people smiled at me and nodded. They let me sit in the center of the semi circle, a place of honor. After I was seated, a small group of natives led an older woman to the stone altar and had her lay down.

At this point I realized that the Isis figure was a real, beautiful, young woman whose arms were outstretched within the wings. A place had been carved into the rock where she could sit and stretch out her arms, representing the goddess figure. She stood up and went to the altar. She had long, black hair, black eyes, and wore a beautiful gown and a headdress with a veil. She stood at the foot of the altar and raised her arms upward. She looked up to heaven and sang a song to bring the light of healing down to the older woman. Then she toned, or sang a monotone note, for a long time. After receiving the light she shared it with the woman. I didn’t see this, I just knew it. After a short time, the older woman got up, smiled at everyone and left.

I went up to the altar. The young woman raised her arms. I thought she would hug me, but she held my hands and we danced up by the altar. I heard the drum beat signaling it was time to return from the journey and so I returned. The people in the seminar shared their experiences with each other.

I don’t clearly understand my connection with the people I saw on this journey, but I recognize that a strong connection is there. As I thought about it later, I remembered a past life regression I had the previous year. In that lifetime, 762 (BCE? or AD?) I lived a life as a native on the American continent. Perhaps I would come back to a similar group of people in the future.

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