Sometime in the 1970’s I remembered a past life as a young woman living in Europe. I saw soldiers in fancy blue uniforms with red stripes and large hats with a red feather in them. They carried muskets with bayonets. I didn’t write down all the details and unfortunately that’s all I remember.

In June of 2010 Susan, a friend of mine, offered to conduct a past life regression session for a small group of friends. As I remember it, we sat upright in chairs in small room with the lights lowered. Susan relaxed us and gave us instructions that led us back to one of our past lives. Periodically she said things like, “look down at your feet and remember what you see”. But she also gave us a lot of freedom for our personal experience.

Regression: Moving back through birth, I felt the warmth of my mother’s skin, and then the secure feeling of the liquid in her womb; warm loving feelings. Next we were instructed to move back to a previous life of our choosing.

I was in a primeval forest with enormous trees; their roots were large and pushed up above the ground. The forest was beautiful. It was my home; secure, no worries, very comfortable.

My feet were bare, bony and brown. My brown legs were thin but muscular. At first I thought I was a woman but then realized I was wearing a tunic made of animal skin. The year was 762 (BCE?, AD?). My name was Maztec and I was an aboriginal Indian. I had jet black hair, thin arms, a long bony nose and high cheekbones. I was 36 and wore a headband that had a colored ornament on the front, an insignia of rank. I was a leader – a minor chief or priest. People around me were doing their chores; children were playing. When anyone needed anything – even information – they’d say, “Ask Maztec”. I believed we lived in what is now South America, perhaps Chile. I saw large pots of clay, some had a blue glaze.

At Susan’s instructions I pictured the end of this regressed life: I’m now in my 90’s with long white hair and a loincloth, laying on a flat stone bed. A young girl with dark hair stands next to me holding my hand. I kiss it just before I die. Then I rise up above my body and float upward. At this point the regression ended and we returned to present.

A few days after this experience I went online and searched the name Maztec. I didn’t remember ever hearing that name before. My search revealed that there is a group of Indians, named the Maztec Indians, who now live in southern Mexico. I was pleasantly surprised. According to information I found, they have lived in that area for centuries.

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