One of the most basic principles of shamanic practice is that everything in the universe is connected with everything else. The first journey in this seminar was oriented toward that concept. On the first journey we were to ask our helpful spirits to show us the web of life and show how a successful soul retrieval affects the web.


I went to the lower world, met the beaver and entered the cave. I met with the eagle and my young male teacher. I told them the purpose of my journey. First I merged with my teacher and then we merged with the eagle. The eagle lifted up and flew to the farthest reaches of the universe.

We knew a soul retrieval was being performed. As it was finished, a spark occurred on the earth and became a white light energy that traveled instantly throughout the universe. This seemed simple enough, but I asked, “So what does this mean?” We then visited what I call a monolith. It appears as a giant egg-shaped stone. It contains the unlimited potential of Creation. As we approached it I understood that a soul retrieval helps bring all of life toward its greatest potential. This is where all life is destined to go, to become complete and achieve its fullness – the ultimate goal of the God’s creation. So by doing a soul retrieval we are helping the Universe, all of Creation, reach it highest possibility. We are co-creating the building and construction of Creation. We are helping perfect Creation.

End of journey. This message had a positive effect on me. When I do a soul retrieval and a soul part seems reluctant to return to the client, I explain that its return will help fulfill the purpose of creation. So far I have never had a soul part refuse to return once it has that understanding.

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