Soul retrieval is one kind of healing; but there are others that also fall into the category of shamanic practice. Each shaman or healer has his or her own path – their own method of healing. Over time the healer will notice that certain people are drawn to them for a specific kind of healing.

First of all, soul retrieval can also be used to work with spirits such as power animals, and can also be used for the earth. Just as everyone has a guide or guardian angel, each person has one or more power animals as a protective guide. At times it happens that a power animal will leave and no longer provide protection. Soul retrieval is a way to help the power animal return, or to find a new power animal to take its place. And, since even the land has spirits associated with it, soul retrieval can be used to help remove negative energies from the land. However it is important to get the permission of the land’s spirits before proceeding to do so.

Sometimes after a soul part leaves a body, negative energy will move in to occupy it, or fill in the empty spaces. When this occurs, a shamanic extraction is required. The person’s soul is left untouched, but the negative energy is removed. Additional training is required to perform an extraction.

It is also possible for a negative spirit to enter into that void. This requires a de-possession. In the de-possession process, the shamanic practitioner leads the negative spirit away from the person toward the light with the help of friendly spirits. Ultimately the negative spirit reunites with the positive forces of light. A word of caution, don’t try this unless you have been trained. the negative spirit may attach itself to something or someone else, even to the practitioner, if they are not experienced at this healing.

There is also a practice called psychopomp. Normally when a person dies, their soul slowly begins to move away from the earth and the physical world. But some souls resist and want to stay close to the earth while others don’t understand what happened and are afraid to go anywhere. Psychopomp ceremonies and rituals allow the healer to travel to the spirit world, meet with the ‘lost’ soul, and help them find their way to the next world. In these ceremonies, the healer calls upon spirit guides as well as spirits of friends and family who have already passed on to come and help the troubled soul move on to the next step in the afterlife.

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