After some preliminary remarks about making sure the client is receptive and emphasizing the healing aspects of soul retrieval, Lauren led us on a journey to meet our spirit helper or helpers. She reminded us that it is important to work with our spirit guides and power animals frequently to insure the success of soul retrievals for our clients. As always, we laid on a blanket on the floor, used a covering for our eyes (I always use a blue bandana) and Lauren began drumming loudly.

Journey: Our intention is to travel to the spirit world and meet the spirit(s) that will help us do soul retrievals.

I relaxed for a few minutes after Lauren started drumming. I started to go to the lower world but found myself climbing up the mountain trail that led to the upper world. As I walked up the steep trail the thought came to me that I would be meeting with the Ancient One and that he would introduce me to my healing guide.

When I got to the top I met the Ancient One and acknowledged him respectfully. I gave him a hug and he playfully pushed me away as though he didn’t need one, but he was smiling as he did it. Then he turned and introduced me to my healing guide. He was a heavy-set, muscular man with curly black hair. I recognized him! He was the man who helped me when I was trying to help heal Heather, a friend of a friend. He told me his name; one that is common in our culture. Then he smiled and said that I could pronounce it in a more fancy way if I wanted to, the way people say Tar-shay instead of Target when they talk about the retail store. We laughed. I gave him a hug too.

The journeying session was coming to a close so I took leave of my spirit friends and traveled back to the ordinary world. In the months since I have met my healing guide, I have come to think he is Hawaiian. As my healing guide, he has helped me on each of the soul retrievals I have done and has stepped up on more than one occasion to help me when I got stuck on an issue, or with a soul spirit. I have full confidence in his abilities as my guide. I would never attempt a healing without him.

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