In the afternoon, August 18, 2012, Lauren suggested we perform two journeys, both of them outside. Reminder: we were at a location in Southwestern Michigan that is dedicated to providing space for people of all spiritual paths. The large area has woods, a small lake, and plenty of hiking trails. On the first journey we were to go, individually, to find a place where we felt power. We were to ask our spirits if we should use a quartz crystal for soul retrieval and how should we use it. In journey number two we were to ask how to prepare for a soul retrieval.

Journey #1: Find a power place and ask about using a crystal for soul retrieval.

I walked around the property, shaking my rattle occasionally, looking for a power place. Near a lake I came up to a ‘wall’ of cattails, reeds, grasses and wild flowers. I was about to pass it by when I noticed a black and yellow butterfly going from one purple flower to another. Then I felt a surge of energy flow into me. This was it! I set my notebook on top of a blanket on the ground and started rattling. I said a prayer requesting help from the spirit world and I went to the upper world and met the Ancient One. We discussed the question of using a crystal versus something else, like a ‘spirit catcher’ and he let me decide. After this journey I knelt on one knee and wrote the results in my notebook. I decided to do Journey #2 here as well.

Journey #2: How do I prepare for a soul retrieval.

As I began to rattle for this journey I heard a sound of someone walking up the path I had traveled. (Remember there were other people from other spiritual paths here at this time.) I turned and looked. Approaching me was a man, dressed only in shorts with a bandanna around his head and some feathers in it, carrying two large sticks in one hand and something else in the other. His face, arms and torso were painted yellow and blue. We looked at each other, nodded and continued on with our activities; him moving past me further into the woods, and I rattling for my next journey. No. I wasn’t dreaming and this wasn’t a spirit vision. Actually, I admired him for his commitment to his spiritual path and wondered if his tools and paint increased the energy he felt and the power he received.

I reached the upper world again and met again with the Ancient One. This time I felt a surge of energy that had a strong, emotional effect on me. He gave me twelve steps to perform the soul retrieval and I wrote them down in my notebook. (I already shared them with you in the introductory remarks about soul retrieval). He told me I can also introduce other steps if I think they will help with the success of the ritual.

After the journey I said a prayer of thanksgiving to all the spirits who had helped with these journeys. I never did see the painted man again. I left a small ‘present’ on a nearby log and went back to our lodge.

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