Sunday morning, August 19th, 2012. One of the other students did a soul retrieval for me. Later I journeyed to better understand what had happened to me so long ago.

Soul Retrieval: I laid on the floor on a blanket. Lauren drummed and Alida did the soul retrieval for me. I closed my eyes and relaxed, keeping in mind that I must be receptive to what takes place. After a while, Alida got up and kneeled next to me. She blew onto my stomach area. I got a peaceful feeling. After a while I opened my eyes, held her hand and thanked her. She said the soul part she found was of me as an eight month old baby, sitting on a linoleum floor. She said she heard a screen door close loudly. I immediately thought of the apartment I grew up in at 78th and Ada in Chicago. Our kitchen had a linoleum floor. Two doors led from the kitchen to a wooden back porch. The inside door had two locks. The outside door was a wooden screen door that had a long black spring attached to the top. The spring was there to keep the door closed. That was all Alida could tell me. However she also brought me a new power animal, a dog, a Huskie. He came to be with me and protect me.

In the afternoon I had the opportunity to journey to the spirit world to ask helpful spirits for help understanding the results of my soul retrieval. As soon as the drumming started, I closed my eyes. My healing guide was there waiting for me. He smiled and me and we went to 78th and Ada to observe what Alida had seen. There I was, as a baby, sitting on the kitchen floor. At my healing guide’s direction, we sat down next to the baby and asked him (me) questions. Apparently I wanted to follow my mother who went out the back door and I tried to follow her. I don’t know if I got close to the door or if the slamming of the door against the frame just scared me. When my mom comes back in I’m crying and she says, “You’re always doing that.” My mom wasn’t gone long. I can only speculate that she may have been taking a bag of garbage to the garbage chute just a few steps from our door.We also found out what the baby soul part was bringing back to me: a baby’s unconditional love. It also just wanted to re-integrate with me. It said I should share it’s unconditional love with others.

After the journey we discussed my experience. Apparently a soul part can detach itself even for something as simple as a slamming door, especially if one is a baby and easily scared.

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