We had a fire ceremony on the last night of the seminar (07/21/12). It was in an open field a block away from the buildings. One of the workers at Ronora, in Watervliet, Michigan, built a fire for us. It was about three and a half feet high, very well constructed. All we had to do was light the papers sticking out of the bottom.

We arrived at dusk. Lauren reminded us that fire is not only an element, but is also a living thing. She said that the talismans we had created were an example of shamanic art, and therefore sacred. Art is power. The fire would carry the power of our talismans into the spirit world where they would manifest back into reality. Lauren lit the fire and the flames spread quickly. As the fire grew, geese started honking and flew up out of the woods to the east, across the sky and settled in a field west of our location. As it grew dark, we all started drumming. One at a time, we took our talismans, walked/danced around the fire several times and placed it in the fire. My talisman consisted of several natural items like a leaf, tree bark, etc., along with a poem I wrote titled “The Chickadee’s Call”. I created it to increase my level of confidence in working with my chosen path. After placing the natural items in the fire, I read my poem and then placed it in the fire as well.

After each of us had our turn, we started dancing and drumming around the fire. We went around six or seven times, then walked up to the fire, gave thanks and shouted up to the sky. As we finished, the geese started honking again, flew up in the west and crossed over us returning to their roost in the east. We rested in chairs and watched the fire burn down. The geese became quiet. After twenty minutes we got up and went back to the building where we were staying. We sat in a meeting area, talking about our experiences and the energies we felt, and finally retired to our rooms.

This was a wonderful ceremony. It was simple, personal and made me feel closer to the natural world as well as the world of spirit. Earlier in the day I had struggled to decide upon a talisman, but solved the problem by letting go of my intellect and focusing on the messages that came from my heart. The poem had a great deal of meaning for me and provided me with great personal energy during the ceremony.

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