Tuesday, July 22, 2012 was the last day of the Soul Retrieval seminar. We finished with journeying and some art work for each other. Then we left Ronora and returned to our homes. A week or so later I emailed Lauren asking if anyone ever did soul retrievals for themselves. She said she wasn’t sure, but that it might be possible. I can’t remember what prompted the question; perhaps I felt a need to get more help for myself.

September 10, 2012. At 1:00 AM I awoke after having the following dream.

Dream: I went to an older house. It was two stories tall, white with white pillars by the front door. It was on a nicely cared for property with bushes and trees. It was nighttime. I felt scared. Chills ran up and down my spine. As I looked at the house I remembered I had been there before, searching upstairs and on the main level but not finding what I was looking for. I had been afraid to go into the basement.  As I entered, I turned on the lights. I searched the main level but found nothing. Then I searched upstairs through all the rooms but did not find anything this time either.

I knew I had to search downstairs. I was afraid. I went into the basement and turned on a light by the foot of the stairs. Then I looked into the shadows and saw someone, a man in his thirties. I recognized him … it was me! I asked him “Didn’t we pray together in hopes that I’d find you?” He answered ‘yes’ and smiled. I threw open my arms and said “Give me a hug!” He did and we immediately merged into one. My guess is that he departed when my father died in 1978; my father’s passing was quite a shock to me. I had talked to him only two days before he died and he seemed fine.

Together, my soul part and I looked in another corner of the basement. There in the shadows was an older version of me, in my mid-fifties. I said, “Come! Join us!” He smiled and came forward. All three of us gave each other hugs and the three merged into one person. I believe this was a part of me that left when my wife, Marilyn, died in 1998. After her death I felt like a large part of me was gone forever.

I woke up. I was cold! I got up and put a blanket on top of the sheet and crawled back into bed. I still felt cold and I sensed that my two soul parts were cold too and were nervous about being reunited with me. I got up out of bed and did two banishing rituals I had learned. One was for protection in the mundane world. It calls upon the four archangels associated with the four directions: Raphael – East; Michael – South; Gabriel – West; and Auriel – North. The second ritual was for protection in the world of spirit. The banishings seemed to help and I started warming up. I went to the kitchen where I wrote down what happened. I didn’t want to forget this ‘dream’. As I wrote, I could feel the other parts within me, but knew they would be safely reintegrated within me in a short period of time. As I finished writing I felt warm and comfortable. I went back to bed and slept well until morning.