For those of you who want to know more about it, this is a brief overview of the soul retrieval ritual as I practice it.

Sometimes I practice the ritual in my apartment, sometimes it is in another person’s home; whatever is most convenient for all the people involved. And there are usually more people involved than me and the client (person receiving the retrieval). Often there are friends or family members who are present as well. Observers sit around the area to watch; I remind them about the importance of remaining silent. The client lays on a blanket and pillow in the center of the floor; his or her focus is to remain receptive. I perform the ritual.

At the beginning I remind everyone of their role. I read a short statement to the client on how he/she should become as receptive as the day lilly is to the warming rays of the sun. This usually puts the person at ease and in a mood conducive to receiving a returning soul part or parts. Next I use my Buffalo Drum; beating on it as I walk around the client. The drum is very loud, has a penetrating sound, and is used to clear energies out of the room and welcome helpful spirits.

After several minutes I stop drumming, use my rattle and tone, or chant, in order to bring positive energies into the room and to call upon the spirits to help with the soul retrieval. After about five minutes I lay down next to the client, shoulders touching. I keep rattling; sometimes someone will rattle or drum for me. I place a bandanna across my eyes to keep light out so I can concentrate on the journey. At this point I call upon a special spirit, my Healing Guide, who helps me with the journey and retrieval process. We travel together into the spirit world with the intention of finding parts of the client’s soul that have departed.  We usually find one or more parts and ask them to return with us. They are usually very willing to return. I ask them what strengths or helpful talents they are bringing with them. Finally I ask them to merge into a crystal I use specifically for this purpose. My Healing Guide and I return to the ordinary world. Note: I never do soul retrievals without my Healing Guide. He is invaluable; often helping me in unusual situations or when I am unsure what to do next.

Upon returning from the journey, I kneel next to the client, hold the crystal in my hands, and symbolically ‘blow’ the soul part(s) into their chest area. Afterward I use my rattle to help the parts begin the reintegration process. Finally, I tell the client that the soul retrieval is over and to return to normal consciousness; the client has usually been in a very relaxed state, sometimes asleep. After they are fully awake, I tell them what parts returned, what talents they brought, and anything else I may have learned during the journey. In turn, they relate any experiences they had. Usually clients do not have experiences, but some do.

I always advise the client to schedule the soul retrieval so that they can relax afterwards, even take a bath or shower, and go to sleep. This helps with the reintegration process. I keep in touch with clients to see how they are doing. Sometimes they also give me specific feedback on how the retrieval has helped them in their daily lives. They may ask for a follow up retrieval, but this is usually done several weeks after the first.

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