In early October, 2012 I journeyed to ask how to find people who wanted soul  retrievals. The answer was that I should casually let people know I had been trained. Then people would come to me. The spirits said to be prepared, the first would contact me soon. Later in October Ze, a friend of mine, told me she would like to have me perform a soul retrieval for her. We checked our calendars and decided on November 15th at a location in Aurora.

As I drove to the soul retrieval I noticed the crescent of the new moon was setting in the west. I took that as a good omen for new beginnings. Two of Ze’s friends attended to observe the ritual. After  I explained the process, Ze laid on the floor. Her friends sat nearby. I started the ritual. After drumming and rattling, I laid next to her on the floor, our shoulders touching.

It didn’t start as I expected. I found myself in complete darkness. My healing guide helped by grabbing my hand and moving us ‘forward’. We found a soul part right away; a little girl 8 or 9 years old. She wouldn’t tell me why she left but agreed to return and said she was bringing the gift of peace. She entered my crystal.

Next I encountered a dark haired woman who looked nothing like Ze. I tried to question her but she ‘ran away’. My guide got her and brought her back. She admitted she was not a soul part but said she knew Ze, and was there for forgiveness. She wouldn’t tell us more so we let her go.

Next we met a part that represented Ze in her thirties. She was bringing more energy for Ze. I forgot to ask why she left. She entered my crystal as well. Before we returned we encountered a power animal that wanted to help Ze. I recognized it was a Harrier Hawk because I had seen one a few months earlier and looked it up in my book on birds. It did not enter the crystal but agreed to return to be by Ze’s side. We returned to ordinary consciousness. I knelt next to Ze and blew the two soul parts into her chest area. I rattled for a short time and then whispered to Ze that she could open her eyes, stretch and get up.

When I told Ze about the darkness she laughed and told me she always goes to a place of darkness for meditation. That made sense. She didn’t know who the dark haired woman was. She said she would think about the two soul parts and let me know. One of her friends, who observed, said that she was startled to see a little girl walk through the front door; then she realized it was a spirit. Both friends enjoyed observing and liked the drumming and rattling. After it was over, the four of us sat and talked for about an hour before I left.

My point of view: the first two soul retrievals I did were in class. This was the first on my own and it did not go as I imagined it would. Later I would learn that every one is different in some way and that is why my healing guide is so important. I wasn’t expecting the darkness; it was disconcerting. Fortunately my spirit guide moved things along to where I could take charge again. I was not prepared for the dark haired woman either. Strange! After it was over I was not tired. I had plenty of energy to drive back home, watch Jay Leno and have some milk and cookies before going to sleep. Overall, the experience gave me the confidence to continue with soul retrieval, especially because I knew I could rely on my guide.

I will ask Ze if she would like to comment on this posting. It may not occur right away because she is currently very busy with work and what not. To my readers, feel free to comment or ask questions, especially if anything I wrote is not clear. Thanks.