Back on July 24th I wrote a post titled “Our Ancestors: LIfe on Earth”. In it I mentioned that the Hawaiian indigenous people believe that their descendants came from the stars, specifically the Pleiades. I then connected that idea with some speculation about the age of organic life from Professor Cockell. His estimate is that all organic life began about 10 billion years ago. And since the estimated life of our planet is somewhere around 4.5 billion years, it made the possibility of our life being from elsewhere in the universe even more intriguing.

This week a friend of mine loaned me a book titled Ecstatic Trance: New Ritual Body Postures, written by Felicitas D. Goodman and Nana Nauwald. The gist of the book is that ritualistic body postures, combined with rhythmic stimulation can produce changes in consciousness that enable us to experience different areas of alternate reality: healing, rebirth and divination are a few. Using the Olmec Baby posture in a workshop in 1997  helped people access the spirit world and get a picture of the philosophy of the Olmec people, a group that lived around the Gulf of Mexico about 3,800 years ago.

On page 26 the authors cite information learned from the spirits. “In ancient times”, the spirits reported, “we had our home in the stars. One day we decided to fly out into the universe. For thousands of years we circled through the universe on energy lines, until suddenly something unexpected happened: we became stranded on solid ground. This place was hot; there were many trees.” They then decided, “Here was the location where further human development should take place.” These colonists from the stars decided this was where they could live to further their spiritual development.

I find it interesting that here we have another group of indigenous people claiming that their heritage is from the stars. If both groups lived near each other it would be easy to imagine that cultural exchanges had taken place and that a belief like this had some common ground. However the Olmec people lived thousands of miles from the Hawaiians separated by the Pacific Ocean. I’m going to continue looking for other beliefs that are similar. If you know of any please let tell me, or send me your info and I’ll put your blog on my site. Thanks.