I quote Sandra Ingerman in Awakening to the Spirit World, page 189: ” Shamans, in their essential work as healers, are able to heal the living and the deceased.” On the shamanic path, this work is referred to as psychopomp. Psychopomp is a Greek word that means “leader or guider of souls” (Ibid.).

It is possible for departed souls to continue living near their families and friends long after they have departed. They may stay around to help friends and relatives or they might not be certain how to move on once they find themselves in a disembodied state. Either way, it is possible to journey to the middle world to contact and help them.

In early December 2012 an elderly friend of the family died. Prior to attending a memorial service for this man, I decided to journey to the middle world to see if I could be of assistance. I journeyed to the lower world, met with my younger male teacher and the two of us went to the middle world. We went to the street in front of his condo. The deceased man was standing in front. I approached him, reminded him who I was, and explained why I was there. He recognized me and was agreeable to getting our help. I called out, asking for someone to come to help him on his journey back into the spirit world. Shortly, a woman showed up.The deceased man explained it was his mother. They were happy to see each other and soon walked off together.

I thanked my teacher and ended the journey. Right after the ritual I felt the warmth of positive energy flowing into me. I decided to perform more of these rituals in the future.