In early April, 2013 I got an email from Jason. He had been one of the observers when I did the soul retrieval for Ze. He wanted me to perform one for him. We agreed on April 25th, 6:30 PM at his place.

When I entered his townhouse, I found three of Jason’s friends were there to observe: Linda, Rita and Joe (?). When I unpacked my bag I realized I left my CD player at home. This meant I would have to use my rattle while I did the journey instead of listening to one of the CD drumming tracks. I explained the ritual to everyone. Jason laid on the living room floor and I walked around him while drumming. Next I rattled and toned for about five minutes. I asked Rita to keep track of time for me and let me know if the journey went beyond twenty minutes.

I laid down next to Jason, started rattling and asked my healing guide for help. We searched the spirit world and found a soul part that resembled Jason when he was about fourteen. He didn’t tell me why he left but he did say that he was bringing back a positive attitude of enthusiasm. We searched again but did not find any additional soul parts. However, we did encounter two power animals for Jason; a bald eagle and a white colored terrier. I asked the soul part to enter my crystal and he did. Before we left, my healing guide indicated he wanted to perform healing on Jason and he placed his hands over Jason’s body.  At this point I ended the journey, kneeled over Jason and blew the soul part back into his chest. I rattled for a while and then announced that the soul retrieval was concluded.

After Jason sat up, I told him what I experienced on the journey. Jason said that at one time he felt an inflow of energy into his upper torso. Jason also stated that he had an unusual experience. When I started drumming, Jason saw his deceased uncle entered the room and sit on the couch to observe. This was one of Jason’s favorite uncles. Rita and Joe said that when the ritual started they felt my drumming go deep inside them – a pleasant experience. Linda had fallen asleep on the couch – we had to wake her after the retrieval was over. Jason said he was glad I did the retrieval. We agreed to keep in touch. He has since contacted me about doing a second retrieval.