The question is: How can a person go from being a Catholic to walking the path of Shamanism or Medicine Maker?

No doubt, it is a long journey. I don’t have any regrets or negative thoughts about where I started nor do I think my path is the one everyone should chose. Such thoughts are too tightly connected to our egos. I reject them completely. I simply follow the path that started long ago, perhaps when I was born, but certainly starting with the summer of 1950. That summer my mother went into the hospital for a gall bladder operation, developed a blood clot, and died. I was six, my brother Danny was 17, my father was 46.

In the world of tarot cards, you can arrive at a theme for each year which is represented by one of the cards of the major arcana. When you add my birth month (May) and my day of birth, the 5th, with 1950 and reduce it, you end up with the two-digit number 16. In the major arcana of tarot cards, the 16th card is The Tower. Lightning strikes a tower and two figures are knocked out of it and fall toward the ground while the top of the tower explodes with fire. One interpretation is that this represents a major blow to the ego or self image. The year card for 1950 describes perfectly what happened to me. The most important person was eliminated from my life, forever. My world exploded before my eyes along with my childlike dreams. I was devastated. (If you want to know more about how it affected me and my family, see Pauly’s Mother, at .)

Years later I read that people who become interested in meditation have often lost a loved one at an early age. I understand that. My mother’s death brought with it an existential desire to discover the meaning of life. My father told me that God took her because he needed another angel in heaven. I needed to know more. I didn’t realize it until much later in life, but that was when and where my path started. I’ll share more about my path with you in future blogs.

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