Steve and I have been friends since 2006. Even though he is younger than I am, he has been pursuing an alternate spiritual lifestyle much longer than I have. I mention this because he had interesting experiences during the soul retrieval and I think it is because of his background.

On March 7, 2013 Steve arrived at my house at 7:00 PM. After we chatted a while I reminded him how I conduct soul retrievals and how the process flows. Steve laid on a blanket on the dining room floor. I read a short piece I wrote on being receptive, just to get him in the mood, and then began drumming. Next I toned and rattled for about five minutes. Then I put a CD on and laid down next to him. As the rattle and drumming rhythms started I asked my healing guide for help and we went on the journey.

We immediately encountered a young version of Steve as an adult. I easily recognized him even though his grey hair was dark black. He wore a long sleeved, yellow shirt with thin blue and red lines and grey slacks. The soul part quickly agreed to return and indicated he was bringing forgiveness back. The forgiveness was associated with his first marriage. It was forgiveness for everyone including himself. After he agreed to return, his clothing changed to a long sleeved blue shirt and black slacks.

I asked if this part knew of more parts that could return and he said yes and led us to a child version of Steve. The child was dressed in a red shirt and blue jeans, like Steve wore to my house. However the child did not want to come back. I asked why he left and he said he was afraid of his father. My healing guide picked the child up, held him lovingly and convince him to return with us.

I checked to see if there were any power animals wanting to join Steve at this time but there were none. I was ready to return but my guide said there was no hurry so we listened to the remaining CD track. Then I invited the soul parts to join us, which they did, and we returned to ordinary consciousness. I blew the soul parts into Steve’s chest and ended the soul retrieval. Steve returned to ordinary consciousness right way and we discussed what happened.

As it turns out, Steve went on his own journey as soon as I started drumming at the beginning. He saw pleasant shapes, and three colored long-stemmed glasses. An old American Indian woman poured seeds into one of the glasses and told Steve to drink them. He did. Next he saw an old American Indian man and they both watched as a series of young boys appeared before him, one at a time, and disappeared with a popping sound. Then the session ended.

We talked about what I saw. Steve said the yellow shirt and grey slacks are among his favorites and that he has several blue shirts. Blue is one of his favorite colors. He also said that the forgiveness regarding his first marriage made a lot of sense. Regarding his father, Steve said his father was never abusive, but was a strict disciplinarian; Steve always wanted to please his father. Steve said he saw an animal in his experience – it was a badger. I got my copy of “Animal Speak”, read the description and Steve said the information made sense to him. Steve said he felt like he was wearing a heavy hat during the soul retrieval, but this had happened to him during other deeply spiritual experiences.

As a final note, during this retrieval I was questioning my own effectiveness and value in the event. However, I just moved forward and everything worked out. I was reminded of the Nike ad – Just Do It! The journey went quickly from my point of view and I was surprised, and pleased, when Steve told me of his experiences.