I know. I missed two blog dates in a row. It bothers me. I’m worry about what my readers will think. I shouldn’t. So, inspiration being scarce, I did a tarot reading for myself this morning looking for a blog subject. As usual, the cards hit the nail on the head. They told me I am at a point of change in my life and that expecting constant inspiration at such a time is somewhat self-indulgent. Change doesn’t happen over night and sometimes occurs so slowly we need days, weeks or months to figure out that it has happened.

Right now it’s leaving me with a feeling that I have lost my focus (Aw, poor baby!). However I am becoming aware of a new thought in the distant recesses of my brain. It looks like I am supposed to get into a teaching mode. No, this is not a prelude to a marketing announcement about spirit walking classes I will teach in order to get rich. (As you can see, there is a lot of self scrutiny going on here too.) It may be that I will get into teaching the craft of writing. What better way to sharpen my own writing skills than to teach them?

Prior to last May, I was intending to start a blog for Baby Boomers that taught the basics of writing; something that would encourage others to do what I have done. Share the fun of writing with my peers. Then in May I had two dreams and an omen which convinced me to start this blog. It was as though the spirit world intervened and said, “Hey, forget that, teach this!” So that’s what I did. I’m not thinking of ending this blog; perhaps I’ll just start another. I enjoy this as an outlet for my experiences. (Self indulgent?) The dreams and the omen were pretty direct. I’ll share them with you next time.

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